10 Brutal Truths About Product Strategy


If your product starts to stagnate, your market becomes saturated, or sales slow down, you’re not alone. Most companies go through a process of trial and error in order to figure out how to successfully launch a new product like tn tech bookstore. But some companies have taken that process one step further by using data and statistics to help them make more informed decisions during the design and development stages of their products. Here are 10 brutal truths about achieving success in the world of product strategy:

1. Failure is an option

It’s natural for us humans to want things to be perfect all the time – but that’s just not realistic in business or life anymore. If you want to succeed in the real world, you have to learn how to fail. Some of the best inventions and products came from companies who originally failed at creating what they originally set out to create – Google, for example, famously launched as a search engine that emphasized speed and simplicity. But after refined research, their product became what it is today: a complex set of services that tracks everything we do on the web. The moral of this story? Never give up!

2. Know your audience

If you want your product strategy to be effective, then you have to know who will be using it. Readers, for example, like products that are reliable and easy to use. That’s why companies like Amazon have built their business on it – their market is typically users who are well-educated and have a lot of disposable income so they can afford to buy high-priced products in bulk. On the other hand, consumers prefer products and services that provide them with new experiences without much effort. Twitter does a great job of taking care of this market because it doesn’t require much effort from its users to get the most from its service.

3. Hard work beats talent

It’s no secret that the world is filled with talented individuals – but the best products come from hard workers. That’s because successful people are willing to stay in their lane and do what they do best. There’s a reason why Kim Kardashian is where she is today: it’s because she knows how to market herself effectively and build her brand. If you want to be successful in business, then focus on working hard and making your product as great as it can be – everything else will fall into place!

4. Track data

The best companies don’t just launch products at the drop of a hat – they track data and statistics to learn about their customer’s behavior. That’s why Starbucks has already planned to double their mobile transactions in the next year – because they know customer behavior and what will make them come back for more. If you want your product strategy to be a success, then keep an eye on your statistics. For example, if you notice that certain things are leading customers to abandon your site, then it’s time to make changes!

5. Have a plan

Have you ever tried to design a product or service in a hurry? I’m willing to bet that it didn’t turn out very well. That’s because people don’t do their best work when they’re rushed. If you want to succeed in business, then you have to start planning and working on your product before you actually launch it for real. That’s why Apple is so dominant in their space – because they take the time to develop products correctly before rolling them into the market.


6. Focus on the customer

The best products always begin with the customer in mind. That’s why companies like Facebook and Amazon work so hard to figure out how to make their sites attractive and easy to use. It’s not enough to just offer a service that people want – they also want a good experience that fixes any pain points they may have. If you want your product strategy to be successful, then you need customers who are happy with your service – or else you’ll be wasting everyone’s time.

7. Build it right

When it comes down to building a product, the best companies focus on making their own products as great as they can possibly be at every step of the entire process. For example, Tesla offers a different product than most other car companies – but that’s because they’re focusing on building an electric powered vehicle that revolutionizes the industry. The moral of this story? Work hard to make your product as great as it can possibly be!

8. Never compromise

When you’re working on a new product, it can be tempting to get rid of “non-essential” elements in favor of speed and simplicity. For example, many companies like Uber and Twitter don’t offer all the features that their competitors do right out of the gate because they want to focus on offering a simple service that’s easy to get started with. But the best companies focus on offering a service that does exactly what it’s meant to do – and nothing more.

9. Stay true to your vision

Building a product for the first time can be scary – but you have to stay true to your vision, or else you’ll never succeed. When Zuck and his friends launched Facebook, investors talked them out of their original idea because they thought it was too niche and wouldn’t work with a larger audience. But they stuck with their vision and launched anyway – now, Facebook is used by over 1 billion different people! If you want your product strategy to be a success, then never stop working until your product meets its goals!

10. Offer your customers a service

The best companies don’t just offer products to their customers – they offer services that speak to their past experiences. That’s why Uber and Twitter have found success because they focus on bringing people together while offering them a better experience. If you want your product strategy to be successful, then focus on offering a good service that is easy to use – your customers will love you for it!


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