10 Law Tips You Need To Learn Now

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Law school is expensive and time-consuming. You can graduate debt free with a diploma from an online law school. Even better, law degrees have a higher earning potential when you compare them to other graduate programs. What does California’s anti-gridlock law mean for you? A rewarding career in the law is just a few clicks away. A law degree opens up your options for employment and you can earn a six-figure salary right after graduation.

It’s easy to get hired once you have your degree. Just make sure you get your law degree from an accredited law school. One thing every law student needs to know is the difference between a public and private school. 

10 Law Tips You Need To Learn Now :

1. Business law

Every business needs to understand the ins and outs of the law. There are contract laws, consumer protection laws, and many more. You have to know how to navigate the law in order to run a successful business. Establishing legal structures, making sure you’re protected from liabilities and complying with regulations are all critical when running a business. In California, you need an attorney who specializes in small businesses when establishing your corporate structure. 

Your attorney can help you choose which entity is most appropriate for your needs. Corporations can offer tax benefits, but there are also drawbacks. Nolo Press provides helpful guides on forming a corporation and LLCs for small businesses .

Moving your business to another state? You need to make sure it’s legal. Establishing residency, filing taxes, and even registering to vote are all governed by legal requirements, and you have to follow the rules.

2. Real Property Law

If you’re planning to purchase real estate, you need to understand all the ways in which real property laws apply to your life. Title matters when you’re buying a home or purchasing land. Before you spend the money on property, make sure you have the paperwork ready to go. Title insurance can provide additional protection for your investment. Real estate law is complex, and it’s easy to get lost in different areas of it. A legal professional can help walk you through the process and make sure your research is right before closing on a home or investment property. You can even find resources online for further education on real estate law .

3. Family Law

Family law covers a broad spectrum of issues that can affect your life. In California, there are many areas of family law affecting the state. You can find out more about domestic violence laws, child custody and support, visitation rights and more at the California Judicial Council’s website .

4. Criminal Law

Over 34 million people in the United States suffer from criminal records every year because they’ve been to jail or have a conviction on their records. There are ways you can clear your record if you’ve been incarcerated or convicted of a crime. It’s not easy to do, but you don’t want to face discrimination because you were formally accused of a crime. Relevant sources of information include the U.S. Department of Justice’s website , The National Employment Law Project, and The Innocence Project .

5. Intellectual Property Law

Most people don’t know their intellectual property from a hole in the ground, but that doesn’t stop corporations from making millions off their IPs. Whether you’re protecting your idea for a new product or fighting for royalties for your work, you need to understand different types of IP laws and how they apply to you. In California, there are relevant laws about trademarks and copyrights for artists, writers, and musicians who want to protect their work . You can also find information at Nolo Press , Creative Commons , FindLaw , and the U.S. Copyright Office .

6. Internet Law

The internet is filled with legal traps and it’s your responsibility to learn how to protect yourself. Using social media can be a great way to promote yourself, but you have to understand the laws concerning privacy and libel before you start sharing your life online. Don’t hide behind a computer screen and post things that can get you accused of crimes or sued for libel. You need to understand how online contracts work before you use any social media sites or buy anything from an online retailer. You can find additional information here .

7. Corporate Law

Corporations are legal entities, and you need to learn about the different kinds of business structures available for your specific needs. Corporations can be used for different purposes, and your California attorney is trained to help you choose the most appropriate one for your business needs. There are many resources online that provide information on this subject matter , but you may also want to consult a reliable attorney who specializes in business law .

8. Employment Law

At the end of the day, you’re going to have to find a way to pay for your education and living expenses. You don’t want to work for free or leave money on the table by accepting jobs that pay poorly or don’t fit with your goals.

9. Law and Society

You don’t have to be a lawyer to think about the law as it relates to society. After all, you’re going to be a part of that society, and so is your family. You may need legal assistance for things like family law or criminal law issues. Understanding what laws can affect your life can help you make smart decisions about your safety, security and mental health . Citizen Lawyer offers detailed information on all the areas of law that everyone needs to know .

10. Law Enforcement

Starting a career in law enforcement begins by researching potential careers within the field and understanding what it takes to become a police officer or detective.


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