10 Pool Fence Designs That Will Transform Your Outdoor Oasis

Pool Fence

If you’ve been looking for an easy way to have a stunning backyard without all the work, installing a pool fence may be your solution. With so many styles and materials, your outdoor oasis can become an inviting and personalised space that friends and family will love. From traditional picket fences to contemporary metal designs, there’s something for everyone – no matter your style preference or aesthetic vision. In this blog post, we’ll explore unique pool fence designs that help elevate your outdoor living area from ordinary to extraordinary!

Types of Pool fences for your reference

Summertime is the perfect time to cool off with a dip in your backyard pool, but not if it’s not properly secured with a suitable fence. Investing in the right type of fencing for your pool can give you peace of mind that your kids are playing safely near the water—not to mention an extra style and charm to your outdoor space! To help guide you on which type of fence might work best for you, let’s explore ten pool fences and their associated benefits.

A well-designed pool fence enhances your outdoor pool area’s safety and adds to its aesthetic appeal. Here are ten pool fence designs that can transform your outdoor oasis:

Glass Pool Fence:

A glass pool fence is a practical safety measure and a design statement that can transform any outdoor oasis. The sleek and modern aesthetic of a glass pool fence instantly elevates the overall appearance of the surrounding area, creating an elegant and luxurious ambience. Glass pool fences have become increasingly popular due to their transparency, which allows for uninterrupted views of the pool and its surroundings while still providing essential protection for children or pets. They are versatile in design, with various options, such as frameless or semi-frameless styles, allowing homeowners to personalise their fencing according to their preferences and existing decor. Moreover, glass fences require minimal maintenance as they resist corrosion and fading, ensuring longevity in harsh weather conditions. With its blend of functionality and sophistication, a glass pool fence is an excellent investment in safety and aesthetics for any outdoor space.

Wrought Iron Fence:

Wrought iron fences have long been revered for their classic elegance and durability, making them ideal for pool fence designs that transform outdoor spaces into inviting oases. The intricate craftsmanship of wrought iron allows for creation of exquisite patterns and designs that seamlessly blend with any architectural style. From ornate scrolls to timeless geometric shapes, these fences can enhance the visual appeal of a pool area while providing a reliable barrier for safety. Moreover, the strength and resilience of wrought iron ensure that these fences withstand harsh weather conditions and continue to maintain their original beauty for years to come. With various customisation options, such as different heights, gate styles, and colour finishes, wrought iron fences offer homeowners a versatile solution that combines functionality with aesthetic refinement. Whether employed as a full enclosure or used strategically as decorative accents within landscaping, a well-designed wrought iron pool fence adds sophistication to any outdoor space.

Wooden Pool Fence:

A wooden pool fence is more than just a safety measure; it can transform your outdoor oasis into a stylish and sophisticated retreat. With its timeless charm and versatility, a wooden pool fence offers a range of designs that cater to every aesthetic preference. Whether you prefer a traditional picket style or the elegance of horizontal slats, there is a design for everyone. The natural beauty of wood adds warmth and character to your pool area while blending seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. Additionally, wooden fences are incredibly durable and long-lasting, providing an investment that will withstand the test of time. They also offer privacy and create a sense of enclosure without compromising on an open-air feel. A well-designed wooden pool fence enhances the safety of your outdoor space and becomes an architectural statement that elevates the overall appeal of your backyard sanctuary.

Aluminum Pool Fence:

With its sleek and modern design, this fence not only provides safety by keeping unwanted visitors out of the pool area but also adds a touch of elegance to the overall aesthetic appeal of the space. The sturdy aluminium construction ensures durability and longevity, making it a wise investment for homeowners looking for a long-lasting solution. Additionally, the variety of designs available allows homeowners to choose the perfect style that complements their existing landscape and architectural elements. Whether it’s a traditional picket design or a contemporary horizontal slat pattern, there is an option to suit every taste. Moreover, the powder-coated finish provides added protection against rust and corrosion. It allows easy maintenance, making it suitable for busy households who want an attractive pool fence without sacrificing convenience. In conclusion, the Aluminum Pool Fence offers functionality and beauty, making it an ideal choice for homeowners seeking to upgrade their outdoor oasis.

Stone or Masonry Fence:

A stone or masonry fence is a pool fence design that can truly elevate the aesthetics of your outdoor oasis. This type of fence not only enhances the overall appearance of your pool area but also offers several practical benefits. The natural beauty and durability of stone or masonry materials make them an excellent choice for creating a long-lasting boundary around your pool. These fences are known for their strength, stability, and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, making them a wise investment in aesthetics and functionality. Additionally, stone or masonry fences provide increased privacy and security, giving you peace of mind while enjoying your pool. With various design options, such as stacked stones or intricate patterns, you can create a unique and visually stunning focal point that complements the surrounding landscape. Choosing a stone or masonry fence for your pool area will transform it into an elegant and inviting haven that will impress you and your guests.

Horizontal Slat Fence:

A horizontal slat fence is a sleek and modern addition to any outdoor oasis, especially when used as a pool fence. This design offers both style and functionality, ensuring the safety of your loved ones while enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your backyard. The horizontally placed slats create an open yet secure barrier around the pool area, preventing children or pets from accessing it unsupervised. This fence also allows for privacy without completely obstructing the view, giving you peace of mind while enjoying your outdoor space. With various materials available, such as wood or metal, you can choose a finish that complements the surrounding landscape and matches your style. Investing in a horizontal slat fence transforms your pool area into a luxurious retreat and adds value to your property by upgrading its visual appeal and safety features.

Mesh Pool Fence:

The mesh pool fence is a modern and versatile pool fence design that has the power to transform your outdoor oasis. Made of durable and high-quality materials, it not only provides a protective barrier around your pool but also complements the aesthetic appeal of your space. The mesh panels offer visibility, allowing you to watch your children or pets while they enjoy the pool area. Its innovative design ensures easy installation without compromising on strength or stability. With its sleek and seamless appearance, this type of pool fence seamlessly blends with any landscape or architectural style. Additionally, the mesh pool fences are low-maintenance, resistant to weather elements, and don’t obscure the view from your backyard. This practical and elegant solution guarantees peace of mind as it fulfils safety requirements while enhancing the overall beauty of your outdoor oasis.

Vertical Metal Fence:

A vertical metal fence is a sophisticated and timeless choice for pool fence designs that can elevate the overall aesthetic of your outdoor oasis. This type of fencing offers high safety and a sleek and contemporary look that seamlessly blends with any landscape design. With its sturdy construction and durable materials, a vertical metal fence provides a formidable barrier that prevents unauthorised access to your swimming pool, ensuring the safety of your loved ones. Moreover, this fence’s clean lines and minimalist design create an open yet defined space, allowing unobstructed views of your pool surroundings. Whether you opt for steel or aluminium, vertical metal fences are highly customisable in height, gate options, colour finishes, and even decorative elements such as ornamental details or scrollwork. Truly a statement piece, this type of fencing adds an element of sophistication to any outdoor area while maintaining functionality and security.

Tropical Bamboo Fence:

The Tropical Bamboo Fence is a pool fence design that offers a unique and refreshing transformation to your outdoor oasis. This innovative design provides privacy and security and brings a touch of exotic beauty to your pool area. Made from high-quality bamboo, this fence is durable and environmentally friendly. Known for its natural resistance to moisture and decay, bamboo ensures that your fence will stand the test even in humid and tropical environments. The intricate lattice pattern adds an elegant flair, allowing sunlight to filter through, creating a beautiful interplay of light and shadow around the pool area. With its versatile nature, this bamboo fence can be easily customised to fit any size or shape of the pool, ensuring a seamless integration into your overall landscaping design. Overall, the Tropical Bamboo Fence is an excellent choice for those looking to create a luxurious and tropical ambience around their pool while ensuring safety and privacy.

Combination Fence:

Combination fences are an excellent choice for pool owners looking to enhance their outdoor oasis’s safety and aesthetics. With various pool fence designs available, homeowners can choose a style that seamlessly integrates with their existing landscaping and overall design theme. One popular option is a combination fence that combines aluminium, vinyl, or wood with glass panels. This type of fence adds privacy and enables unobstructed pool area views. Additionally, it provides exceptional durability and long-lasting performance, resistant to harsh weather conditions and corrosion. Moreover, these fences adhere to strict safety standards by featuring self-latching gates and heights that meet or exceed regulations set for residential pools. By opting for a combination fence, homeowners can create a stunning and secure outdoor space for themselves, their families, and guests to enjoy year-round.

Remember that safety regulations often dictate the type of pool fence you can install, so check local building codes and regulations before making your final decision. Additionally, consider maintenance, cost, and how well the fence complements your outdoor design when choosing the perfect pool fence for your oasis. Wood Glass Group is the company you can trust for the best pool fence requirements and designs.


With a pool fence design to fit every situation and taste, you can find the perfect addition to your outdoor oasis that is attractive and functional. From sleek black iron fences to bright blue picket slats, pool fencing installation is an easy and safe way to add sophistication, security and safety to your outdoor environment. Whether you want something modern and minimalistic or classic and whimsical, plenty of pool fence designs await you. Get ready to transform the look of your outdoor living space – create a beautiful atmosphere fit for entertaining with a style all your own today!


What is the purpose of a pool fence?

The purpose of a pool fence can be summarised as ensuring safety and preventing accidents. Pool fences are physical barriers restricting access to the pool area, particularly for young children and animals at risk of drowning. They are an effective preventative measure by safety regulations and guidelines enforced by various jurisdictions. A well-designed pool fence not only helps to reduce the chances of accidental drownings but also provides peace of mind for homeowners and parents, allowing them to enjoy their backyard oasis without constant worry or supervision. In addition to safeguarding lives, pool fences reduce liability for property owners and meet legal requirements in many places. By maintaining proper construction standards, height measurements, gate locks or latches, an appropriately installed pool fence is a protective barrier that enhances the overall safety of any swimming pool area while complying with established industry standards.

Can I customise the design of my pool fence?

As a pool owner, you may be concerned about the safety and aesthetics of your pool fence. The good news is that many options are available for customising the design of your pool fence. Professional fence manufacturers recognise that every homeowner has unique preferences and requirements, offering various design choices to suit different needs. You can choose from various materials such as aluminium, wrought iron, or glass, each offering distinct durability and aesthetic appeal advantages. Additionally, these fences come in different styles and heights to match the overall theme of your outdoor space. With professional assistance, you can easily customise your pool fence by selecting specific colours, patterns, or decorative elements to enhance its visual appeal without compromising safety regulations. Furthermore, professionals will ensure compliance with local building codes to guarantee the utmost safety for everyone using your swimming pool area.

How do I choose the right height for my pool fence?

Choosing the right height for a pool fence is crucial to ensuring safety and compliance with local regulations. The first step in selecting an appropriate height is to consult the specific requirements mandated by your jurisdiction. Typically, these regulations will stipulate a minimum size that must be adhered to, which may vary depending on factors such as the presence of children or the proximity of neighbouring properties. In addition, it is essential to consider practical aspects when determining the ideal height for your pool fence. For instance, taller walls provide greater privacy and deter unauthorised access from outsiders, but they can also obstruct visibility and create an enclosed feeling.

Conversely, lower fences offer better visibility while compromising security. Striking a balance between aesthetic appeal and functionality becomes crucial at this stage, as it should blend seamlessly with your property’s overall design and landscape while serving its primary purpose of keeping the pool area safe and secure from potential accidents or trespassing parties. Opting for professional advice during this decision-making process can help you navigate various considerations and ultimately lead to choosing the most appropriate height for your pool fence.


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