10 Ways To Reinvent Your Hotel


If you’re a hotelier or restaurateur, we know: When times are tough, it’s hard to break the cycle of “keep doing what you’ve always done” and really innovate. But change doesn’t have to be scary — in fact, it can be an opportunity for reinvention. Check out these top hotels globally. Here are some ways that you can reinvent your business.

1. Revamp Your Image

Changing your hotel’s brand and image — without changing its location or your target market — can be a great way to reinvent yourself and attract new guests. No one really wants to check their hotel among the spires of cathedrals and the footprints of elephants. If you want to increase customer loyalty, it’s time to think about a fresh new look — and make a little money at the same time.

2. Wrap Your Dining Room In Curtain Walls

If you’re open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, why not make your dining room look like an Italian restaurant (not a crappy Italian restaurant )? Let the walls go from plain to trendy in just minutes with blankets, patterned curtains and even wallpaper. If you want to reinvent your dining room for the second or third time in two years, why not pop up a curtain wall? It costs less than $1,000 (less if you’re creative), can be done in a day, doesn’t require permits or demolition, and is easy for contractors to do.

3. Turn Your Lobby Into A Concierge Desk

Reinvention can mean going back in business, or it can mean reinventing your business. If you want to do a second go-round as a concierge service center, maybe it’s time to reinvent your lobby from something mundane to something that’s worth checking out. If you have a lobby that’s just a boring concrete space with no personality, why not make it more interesting? Go beyond the typical concierge desk with some fun flourishes like plants or animal prints, or even let a few dogs roam around.


4. Add Another Room Or Restaurant To Your Hotel

If you’re a business owner and are trying to reinvent your hotel, why not add another room or restaurant to your property? You don’t have to change the physical structure of the hotel — just think outside the box. Even though it costs more to make this work than most other reinventions, do it anyway. Why? Because the lives of visitors who stay at your hotel will be better because of the new room or restaurant. Plus, those guests will be much nicer to your hotelier and its services because they now have more options.

5. How About A Fashion Store?

Just because your hotel has been the same for decades doesn’t mean the world around it hasn’t changed. If you want to change your image and attract some new types of guests, why not add a fashion store in the lobby? It’s a great way to entice travelers from all over the globe to come stay at your property. 

6. Go With The Flow

Your hotel is probably very old and established, which means that it’s probably very easy for people to predict what will happen when they stay there, like what time room service will be available and where their key is when they need it. Instead of sticking with the status quo, why not reinvent your hotel?

7. Move Your Restaurant And Café Outside On The Patio

If you’ve been following fashion, you might have noticed that very few restaurants are even open on the pavement anymore. Why not embrace this trend and create a restaurant-and-café out on the patio? Plus, it’s very green; you can have it solar powered and be in full compliance with all local laws and codes.

8. Go Green. Really Green.

Not only is going green a great thing for the environment but it’s also just good for business. Why not go green with your hotel. Or better yet, why not go biodegradable?

9. Buy A New Foyer And Give It A Makeover

If your foyer is fifteen feet long and covered in a layer of grime, why not get it cleaned up and repaint it? If you’ve got spare money lying around, think about how much more business you could get from people who now have to step over or under the dust bunnies on their way to the elevators.

10. Make Your Rooms More Fun For Guests

It’s hard for guests to tell whether their room is new or old when they’ve just walked in the door. Why not update your hotel’s rooms with a new color scheme? Redecorate the room with a theme or use LED lighting, and watch your business as a result.


There are many ways to reinvent your hotel, and it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Think about the way you can reinvent your hotel to make the lives of guests easier and happier, and then watch as business skyrockets.


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