3 Benefits of Sharing Documents Via Links

Sharing Documents

Since the dawn of the Internet, sharing files and documents for school or work has never become much easier. Before, files and documents would either have to be handled personally or send via mail. Now, there are various ways to send documents and files thanks to the Internet. One of the most popular ways to share files on the Internet is through links, which could be posted on social media, sent via email, or sent via private message. 

There are many ways to do this, such as using a website to generate a link for file sharing. But while many people are not familiar with using a website to share documents and files, using them has benefits that you could benefit from. This article will further explain the advantages of using websites to share documents and files via links compared to other methods. 

  1. No Sign-In or Account Creation Needed

Unlike other ways of sharing files, using websites for document sharing does not require you to create an account or sign in before you could perform this process. This is a huge benefit, as this shortens the file sharing process and makes websites a more accessible and quicker option for sharing files and documents compared to most alternatives. It is also different from using special software or websites to generate links such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Both Google Drive and Dropbox require you to create or sign in to either a Google or Dropbox account before you could use them.

While this ensures safety and exclusivity, especially in keeping and sharing files with other people, it makes file sharing a little more complicated and a little less accessible for people who either do not have a Google or Dropbox account or do not want to bother with making one. It also makes the file sharing process a little longer as you would need to sign in or create a Google or Dropbox account before you could generate a link that will help you share your files or documents. But with a website, you can skip the sign-in or account creation process and jump into creating a link that you could use to share your documents or files for whatever purpose. 

  1. Share Documents and Files Anytime and Anywhere

With certain websites, it is also possible to use any mobile device or browser to generate links for file sharing, as most of them use cloud-based technologies to operate. This means that you can use websites to share files and documents anytime and anywhere. Most websites that generate links for sharing documents and other files are compatible with different browsers ranging from Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge to Safari and Mozilla Firefox and they could also be opened on mobile devices such as Android and iOS smartphones as well as computers running on Windows, macOS, or even Chrome OS. 

On the contrary, while Google Drive and Dropbox could be used on a mobile device or a computer just like most websites that could perform this task, you would need to install the Google Drive or Dropbox app on Android or iOS before you could use them to generate links for file and document sharing, which takes more time than loading a website for file and document sharing on a browser and then generate a link from there. Compared to either Google Drive or Dropbox, it would still be quicker and more convenient to use websites to create links used to share documents and files. 

  1. Safely and Securely Share Files

The Internet is a wonderful place, but it is also a place where danger lurks around every corner. This applies to many activities done on the Internet, from browsing on social media and watching videos to sharing files and documents. For some people, using Google Drive and Dropbox is a safer and more secure option to generate links for file sharing because you would need to sign in to a Google or Dropbox account first before you could access the software. While this is certainly the case, websites could also provide security and safety while generating links for file sharing while making the process faster and more accessible. 

To start, most websites that help create links for file or document sharing have their Data Privacy Policy which does not only provide legal guidelines and definitions on the use of the website but also guarantees to the user of the website that their data will not be used for anything other than for file sharing. To further ensure the security of the user’s data, the file is usually deleted on the website’s servers around an hour or even less after the file has been generated. 

In Conclusion

There’s no doubt that sharing files and documents are one of the most important things that you will encounter when you are working or studying. Some people even share files such as music files, videos, photos, and documents for personal reasons. Because of this, the importance of this process should never be underestimated. Nevertheless, there are so many websites on the Internet that allow users to generate links that they could use to share files and documents, but gogoPDF is one that you could rely on. 

This website not only makes it easier and convenient for you and for other users to generate links for file sharing, but it also makes the process safer and more secure. So, if you want to skip the sign-in or app downloading part and continue with generating links, then gogoPDF is your best partner for sharing files.


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