3 ways in which drug addiction treatment can help those who are addicted to stimulants!

Drug Addiction

People who are addicted to stimulants may enjoy the feeling they get from taking these prescribed medications or pills. If they choose to use stimulants and ‘uppers’, like Adderall, they may feel as if it makes them more productive, more outgoing, happier, friendlier, and able to do everything they want to do during the day. However, being reliant on these drugs will throw off your hormonal and chemical balance, making it extremely hard to get off of these stimulants and regain your true personality. 

The most difficult part of recovering from any substance abuse is making the final decision to quit. If you have made that decision and you find that you want to go to a center to help kick your addiction, several inpatient and outpatient options will work with your budget, personality, lifestyle, and addiction severity. 

If you are abusing stimulants, like Ritalin, Adderall, methamphetamine, or cocaine, you need to seek immediate help to avoid any long-term health effects that can result in long-term illnesses or problems with your heart, organ functioning, or brain. The first step in stimulant abuse is to find a center that helps you detoxify.

3 ways in which a drug addiction treatment center can help you detoxify and recover!

Supervised detoxification

One of the main ways a drug addiction treatment center can help you get clean from stimulants is to provide supervised detoxification once you arrive. One of the hardest parts about getting clean is the first step – detoxification. This terrible period will produce any negative side effects of weaning yourself off of the drug, such as mood swings, depression, inability to sleep, migraines, fatigue, cravings, and irritability.

Your body responds negatively to not having the stimulant since your body becomes reliant on the prescribed stimulants through constant use. Prescription stimulants last a long time in your body and build up a resistance over time, so it takes multiple days or weeks to get them out of your system. A drug addiction treatment center can help you adhere to your detoxification plan.

Inpatient rehabilitation for substance abuse

The second way a drug addiction treatment center can help you recover from stimulant abuse is by providing inpatient rehabilitation for your addiction. Inpatient rehab helps you by offering 24-hour support every day, ensuring you feel like someone is always there for you during tough times or intense cravings. Inpatient rehab helps those learn more about the disease of addiction, helps build relationships, teaches health communication skills, educates patients on stress management techniques, and provides coping skills.

Outpatient rehabilitation program for substance abuse

The final way a drug addiction treatment center can help patients is by providing an outpatient program for those who want to continue work or school, or for those who have already completed an inpatient program. To keep your normal life going and still seek help for your addiction, you can visit a drug addiction treatment center with an outpatient program.


For those who are addicted to stimulants, you need to seek help to get your life back on track. Visit a drug addiction treatment center to attend an outpatient program, check yourself into an inpatient treatment program, and go through the immediate detoxification process with professionals by your side.


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