5 Brilliant Ways to Achieve Darker Fake Tan All the Time

dark fake tan

Plenty of people use self-tanner to achieve glowing, bronze skin. This practice is particularly very popular during the colder months. But achieving a dark fake tan usually requires more tweaks as you would like to get your desired skin shade. 

You do not have to spread thicker layers of self-tanning formula on your skin to achieve a darker tan. Here are several steps that you can do to get the sun-kissed look that you are dreaming of.  

#1: Look for Self-Tanner With Higher DHA Content

Not all self-tanners are created equal. Some brands are specifically made to help you achieve a dark fake tan. These products are usually concocted with a minimally higher amount of DHA. If the regular version contains 10% DHA, the one that produces darker fake tan may come with 12% to 14% DHA. 

#2: Prepare the Skin 

Perhaps the most necessary step to help you achieve a dark fake tan is to prepare your skin for the upcoming procedure. It will help you get the shade that you want if you have smooth, healthy skin to begin with. 

There are several steps that can help you ensure that your skin is ready for self-tanning, like exfoliating it properly. You may consider your skin type to know how to exfoliate your skin. It will help you remove dry, dead cells to have an even skin tone without blotchy patches. 

You also need to apply high-quality moisturisers to keep your skin hydrated. However, you must keep in mind that you must not put on any lotion to ensure that your skin can absorb the self-tanning formula. 

#3: Apply Layers of Self-Tanner 

Layering your self-tanners can help you achieve the darker shade of tan that you like. It is also the safest option to do if you want to get darker skin in the fastest way possible. However, you must know the right way to apply the formula to get the optimum effect. 

Experts suggest applying the self-tanning formula from the feet and then working your way up until all areas of the body are covered. By doing this, the bottom area will eventually dry up, so you can apply the second layer. You may apply up to five layers of self-tanning formula to achieve your desired skin tone. 

#4: Know How to Apply the Self-Tanning Formula Efficiently

Depending on the type of self-tanner you plan to use, you need to know exactly how to apply it to your skin. You must ensure that you put an even layer all over your body. 

It is also important to remember to avoid rubbing too much on the usually dry areas like your wrists, ankles, and knees. You may also try applying the formula using a self-tanning mitt for a more efficient application.  

#5: Let the Product Dry on the Skin Properly

It is extremely important to let the self-tanner products dry properly. It will let you ensure that each layer is evenly spread out on the skin. If the application is uneven, you may end up with unsightly blotches and streaks. 

It usually takes 10 to 15 minutes until the self-tanning layer dries up. If you are still not satisfied with your skin colour after the final layer, you can wait until the next morning to add more coats of the self-tanner until you get the dark fake tan that you want to achieve.  


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