5 Tips For Saving At Amazon


If you’re among the millions of people who shop on Amazon every month, you already know the site offers consistently great deals on almost everything. Amazon has blended infinite deals, a staggering selection of products, and convenience for shoppers. You may not know that you can optimize your savings by utilizing straightforward techniques, tactics, and strategies. 

But here are the top 5 tips on how to optimize your savings at Amazon:

1. Quantity Discount

See more about how your Amazon discount code can help you get a 15% discount if you have five or more items in the shipment. When you have a minimum of five items in your subscription, Amazon takes 15% off your entire order. You also save through quantity discounts when you find overstock and clearance product markdowns. 

2. Coupons

Just like regular coupons you’d clip from the paper, Amazon promotes certain products via coupons. Almost all Amazon customers understand how the online coupon process works. However, not as many know about the special coupon site where you can browse the total list of available coupons.

They are often applicable only for the first time you purchase a particular “subscribe & save” product, but the savings add up on the first purchase.

3. Check For Add-ons

Add-ons are small items that are cost-prohibitive to ship by themselves. You can only purchase these items if you add them to an existing item bringing their total order to $25 or more. 

4. Price Checking

Comparing different prices with the products will help you save more while shopping at Amazon. The fact that your favorite soap, for example,  is eligible for “subscribe & save” does not mean that it is of the best price. Compare the prices to the cost at your grocery store or discount store.

Don’t compare it just once; instead, do it regularly because prices at Amazon fluctuate every time. Keep an eye on sales and fluctuating prices in the store, and it should make sense for you to continue shopping.

However, you can edit your order up to several days before your order ships, you are allowed to skip a month if needed, but Amazon will tell you the deadlines for editing your orders.

5. Money-saving Apps

Download apps that track prices to ensure the “subscribe & save” price each month is at the lowest price possible. Once you download the app, every time you shop at Amazon, it searches for better deals and coupon codes that you may use.

The app is the best idea for saving money at Amazon because once you have chosen the best deals and can’t find the coupons, you get cashback through redeemable points.

How To Save At Amazon: Final Thoughts

With some awareness of how to save at Amazon, you get great discounts on the platform’s already great prices. While some of these saving approaches can only be used once, you can still get a price reduction with an Amazon discount code. Also, you can get your cash back with money-saving apps.


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