6 Benefits of Having a Water Cooler

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It might seem easy but drinking up to 8 glasses of water a day can be challenging. One way to support this healthy goal is by making sure that you have access to clean drinking water at all times. Be it for your home or a business establishment, one way to do this is by investing in a water cooler.

A water cooler, especially a point of use (POU) cooler like this one from Cooee Water is a great purchase. There are numerous upsides to owning your own water cooler. Here are a few noteworthy benefits.

1. Easy Access To Clean Drinking Water

This depends on the type of cooler you have. There are coolers that are refillable with water bottles. High-end models can be connected to your water main so that you can have access to clean drinking water 24/7. 

While more expensive, these POU coolers are more practical. Aside from the fact that you have a limitless supply of water, you no longer have to worry about getting water refills constantly. Since you no longer need water bottles, it’s a great way to save space inside your home or the office too.

POU water coolers are also equipped with filters too. In some cases, you can adjust the filter cartridges so that you can adjust accordingly. 

2. Hot And Cold Water At Your Command

Most water coolers come with the option that allows you to store hot and cold water. When you need it, all you have to do is take your mug or cup and place it on the cooler.

Having hot or cold water whenever you want to can save you a lot of time. This is perfect for those quick coffees in the morning as you don’t need to heat up water anymore. When you’re exercising, cold water is readily available to freshen you up as well.

Aside from the convenience that this brings, this benefit can also help you save energy along the way. For instance, you no longer need to use an electric kettle or your gas to heat up water.

3. Eco-Friendly (And Budget-Friendly) Way To Stay Hydrated

An alternative to staying hydrated if you don’t have a water cooler is by buying water bottles to get your fill. This is an impractical way in more than one aspect.

For one, constantly relying on bottled water means you’re contributing to the world’s growing waste problem.  With a water cooler, you can simply refill your mug or your water container. In the office, employees can use disposable paper cups instead of plastic bottles.

While the upfront cost of buying a water cooler is heavier than your monthly spending on bottled water, you might have to reconsider your choices.

Over time, the amount you spend on water bottles will be way more than what you spend on a water cooler. 

4. Encourages Healthy Living

Staying hydrated is one of the simplest and most effective ways of keeping your body healthy. If you’re well-hydrated, your mind and body will be in good condition which means you can work or do your chores more efficiently as well.

Apart from keeping your energy levels elevated, staying hydrated is also important to avoid dehydration-related conditions. If you lack water, you’re more prone to kidney problems and even urinary tract infections (UTI).

5. Promotes Productivity At Work

Staying hydrated at work brings a lot of benefits too. It helps you stay focused so that you can work more efficiently. If you’re well-hydrated, you can even control your cravings for sugary drinks such as sodas and coffee.


Alt Text: Water cooler can increase productivity at work.

Just go to any office and you’ll see that most of them are equipped with water coolers.  It’s the right way to promote healthier living and productivity at the same time.

It can lessen the burden on the wallets of employees as well. Instead of buying bottled water, sodas, and other drinks, they can simply head to the pantry and grab a cup of cool water.

6. Make It Easy For Kids To Drink

Water coolers provide an easy way for anyone to drink. Kids are easily distracted by sodas, juice boxes, and other sugary drinks on your fridge. By making cool drinking water readily available to them through a water cooler, they’ll be more than eager to stick to water more than anything else.

Kids need a lot more water than we do because they’re more energetic so they sweat more. The problem is that it can be hard to encourage kids to drink the right amount of water daily. A water cooler with temperature options is a good way to ensure that they’ll grow healthy and hydrated.

Having a water cooler offers benefits for your health, wallet, the environment and a lot more. The good news is that there are cheap and premium-priced water coolers you can buy right now. This isn’t just about staying hydrated anymore, it’s also about relying on what’s best for your wallet and the environment.


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