7 Tips to Buy an Induction Cooktop for Your Kitchen

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The modern era kitchen appliance – Induction cooktop have replaced the traditional way of stove cooking. It has added efficiency and effectiveness with style and safety to the modern kitchen. In the market, there is a wide range of best induction cooktop in India. However, certain points need to be considered while purchasing an Induction Cooktop to make sure the appliance meets your needs. Here, in the blog, we will be discussing some important points to keep in mind while choosing the Induction Cooktop.

  1. The Power Rate – the most important thing in Induction Cooktop is the power rate. It is the mechanism by which the food is cooked. Higher the power rate faster will be the cooking. Generally, the best induction cooktop in India has a power rate between 1000-2000 W. Choose the one that suits your needs.
  2. Pre-Set Menu – As the best washing machine in India has a pre-set mechanism for washing different kinds of fabric. The Induction Cooktop has some pre-set menu that adjusts the temperature according to the dish. For instance, there is a pre-set cooking temperature for boiling milk, heating water, and making chapati. 
  3. Cooktop Induction Zone – the induction cooktop comes with 1 to 4 induction cooking zones. The single-zone induction cooktops are cheaper compared to multiple induction zones. They are small in size, hence can be easily moved and placed anywhere in the kitchen. It is advisable to choose the one that fulfills your needs.
  4. Cooktop’s pan size – it is important to be sure about the size of the cooktop pan. The smaller cookware won’t support the large pan size as the heat won’t get delivered to it. So, it is important to choose the right size of the cooktop based on the size of the pan.
  5. Control Panel – the induction cooktop control panel comes in three variants. There is either knob, press button, or touch sensor mechanism. If you have a considerable budget, you can choose the touch sensor control panel. However, if looking for the affordable, you can choose from the other two variants.
  6. Safety features – like the best washing machine in India comes with safety measures like child lock, the induction cooktop also comes with child lock. If there are kids in your home. This feature may be important to consider. The other safety feature that the induction cooktop comes up with is auto-pan detection, which turns off the appliance as soon as the pan is removed. It ensures safety, in case you have left the appliance on. 
  7. Design of the induction cooktop– some induction cooktop comes with a frame. They are considered good as they contain any spillovers. However, dirt gets easily collected in the crevices of the induction frame. Similarly, the edgeless designs are easy to clean; however, the side can easily get cracked down.

These are just a few of the look-out points before making the Induction cooktop purchase for your modern living. It is always advisable to do a bit of market research before choosing the induction cooktop and buy the one that suits you the most.


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