9 Bizarre various Cuisine Facts You Need to Know

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We all do it. We’re sitting there, maybe we’re doing some homework on pavinci entertainment, or reading a book, and suddenly we get hungry.

It’s not like our stomachs have burst into song to remind us that it’s been hours since the last time we ate something. The hunger just sort of appears out of nowhere! And then once it starts, it just won’t go away until you’ve found something edible to munch on.

1. Chocolate is the tastiest food in the world.

The most powerful aphrodisiac in the world—one of them, anyway—is chocolate. It’s basically made out of all the most delicious things on earth, and it makes you feel like you’re happy and satisfied, no matter how many cookies are stuck to your teeth. The smell alone gives anyone a second wind, so that’s another plus for this stuff!

2. Food that tastes really good can kill you.

You may be eating some pizza or ice cream right now, but it was originally a part of an animal that was snacked on by Native Americans of the Southwest in 400 AD. That’s about nine hundred years before the invention of ice cream, for those of you keeping score at home.

3. A head of cauliflower has more calories than a pound of hamburger.

Every time you pop a piece in your mouth, it grows another little head a little farther down. The average person eats approximately 6 heads of cauliflower a day, which means they’re consuming 680 calories worth of heads every day! Now imagine eating one pound of hamburger every single day… What would it look like after a year? A giant cauliflower? It’d probably taste even better!

4. The world’s first potato chip was made from acorn flour…and sea foam.

It was even baked in a hole dug out of the ground so that it would cook faster and be crisper.

5. Sausage made from snails is delicious. 

In the 16th century, the chip was made of acorn flour, which is a lot different from your run-of-the-mill potato chips. It was baked in the shape of a circle, then sprinkled with sea foam before baking again. Back in the early 1500s, sea captains would bring their ships over to Newfoundland, Canada (just like we do), and then dump all their trash overboard. Funny, right?

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6. A can of soda costs more than a can of beef.

The beef industry is a lot more efficient: a pound of beef retails for about $4, so you would have to feed and water cattle for about $2 per day to keep them alive. The soda industry, on the other hand, requires people to drink gallons upon gallons of soda every day just to keep themselves alive!

7. Lemon juice is the most common cleaning agent in the world.

You’ll never be able to get all the spots of that dried ketchup off the table, but with some lemon juice, a rag, and a little elbow grease, you can take the stain right out!

People don’t remember the last time they used soap to wash their hands. It happens all the time, but it’s not like anyone ever thinks about it, because they’re too busy cleaning other things!

8. An average person eats approximately 68 pounds of corn every year.

I know there’s this association with sweet corn being the delicious kind of corn, but it has just as much sugar inside of it as any other kind! It’s not even that good for you!

If this isn’t the weirdest fact on this list, I don’t know what is. That’s a lot of corn, and while it’s not the tastiest food on the list, you’ve got to hand it to mankind for having the balls to take a kernel and turn it into something THAT BIG. The average American would have to eat four ears per day just to keep on pace with consumption!

9. You could live your entire life without ever eating a blueberry or radish.

Fun fact: the blueberry was named after its blue-black color, which is also why it’s been used as a dye ever since it was first discovered by the Pilgrims!

Even if you ate only radishes and blueberries, you still wouldn’t be eating that many. Blueberries are fairly small, and radishes are almost microscopic—the amount of sugar in a single radish is miniscule compared to the whole world’s corn production. You might not even taste it in all the other gross stuff you eat!


We may not realize it, but the human body has been designed to eat food that contains a lot of sugar. The reason that we’re so good at it is pretty simple: we’re programmed to digest sugar as quickly as possible, and right now we’re programmed to do it through food. It’s not possible to read all of these facts without getting just a little queasy. 

It’s okay, though. We all do it, and every single one is true. We hope you enjoyed these bizarre facts! We think they’re pretty great, and we hope you do too. Make sure to send this to your friends and family as a way of saying “thank you” for them not being able to afford basic food supplies of meat and vegetables.


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