9 Serremo Hacks Only the Pros Know

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SerreMO is a tactical gear upseller that’s been popping up all over AliExpress lately. Consisting of unbranded tactical gear, SerreMO has been heavily marketed to buyers on the online marketplace. And while they might not be the most reputable of stores, there are some hacks that can help you buy from SerreMo with confidence. This article will introduce you to 9 serremo tactical Hacks only the pros know about so you can avoid common pitfalls and find high-quality gear on AliExpress without breaking the bank.

1. Use the search function

Though SerreMO products use a lot of the same keywords as other sellers, a lack of filtering makes them hard to find. You’ll have to wade through a lot of cheap Ringke cases and generic phone accessories in order to get to their tactical gear. To make this process easier, we recommend you use the search function in the AliExpress app (iPhone users) or site (Android users). Click on “others related products’ ‘ at the bottom of the search results and only view listings that contain “tactical belt,” “tactical bag,” etc.

2. Don’t use the “new products” sorting

AliExpress will automatically show you their newest products under the “newly added” category. The problem? SerreMO mostly updates their listings every few weeks, meaning that if you sort by this category, you won’t always see the most accurate representation of what they have on offer.

3. Avoid the global shipping option at all costs

Shipping with AliExpress takes an unpredictable amount of time due to the way they process shipments. Most of the time, it can take over a month for items to be delivered (sometimes it can even take over 6 months). Even if your item does arrive, it’s not guaranteed your box will be accurate or in the condition it was shipped. All of these issues make it a nightmare to buy from SerreMO, so we recommend you never use the “global” shipping option.

4. Retype your order info

Every time you buy from SerreMO, they send you a link to fill out with your name, address, phone number and email address. They might even ask for more information like your age or gender in order to maintain customer privacy. However, all of this information is exactly the same for every listing. This means that you can “retype” your order info with only one click, by copying and pasting the data from the listing in their cart.

5. View seller feedback before you buy

SerreMO doesn’t have a large number of reviews yet, meaning that you can’t rely on their feedback scores to make a purchasing decision. However, if you see SerreMO has listed an item with a lot of reviews from past buyers, then it’s probably safe to buy from them. Just make sure they don’t have any negative comments before buying!

6. Ignore what you see on Instagram

No matter how many pictures they post, the fact remains that SerreMO’s Instagram account is not associated with the company. They may use the same images as products they sell, but there’s no way to tell which are authentic and which are just staged. This means that any professional photo of their gear will most likely be a fake. In order to avoid this problem, we recommend you avoid any Instagram account that pairs a picture of their gear with images of their staff, logos or buildings.

7. Watch out for recent purchases

All sellers change their stock regularly as new items come in and old items are sold off; however, SerreMO updates its product listings every few weeks. This means that if you’re browsing the site looking for a specific item, you might run across a listing that hasn’t been updated in a while. The problem with this is that the old product description will be there regardless as to whether it’s updated or not. So when you go to check out and make sure the color and style is still available, you might run into problems if the seller doesn’t update their descriptions.

8. Be careful with color choices

Serremo Tactical Gear appears to use only one supplier for its products, so the color options of each product are identical no matter which seller they come from. That being said, they will also have different descriptions for the same item. Since there’s nothing that links the sellers together and no way to tell which of the descriptions are genuine, you might want to double check your color choices before going through checkout.

9. Make sure you verify the seller

SerreMO is a “verified seller” meaning that they’ve been accredited by AliExpress themselves (at least in part). This means that if you try to order from them, AliExpress will automatically verify your order with SerreMO and contact them on your behalf.


SerreMO is a great example of how to upsell on AliExpress without buying a ton of items. However, the company has only been released in China and the marketplace just isn’t very familiar with the market yet. As such, there are some pitfalls to be aware of when buying from SerreMO, especially if you haven’t used them before. While it might seem as though their prices are cheap for the quality, that doesn’t mean you should avoid them altogether.


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