9 Strange Facts About Law


There are some incredible and downright bizarre facts about the law that many people probably didn’t know. From the story of a man who tripped and fell on someone’s property to causing them grievous bodily harm, to what happens when you swear in court, here are nine laws that might just keep you scratching your head and symplicity uf law.

Few strange facts are:

1) Both fined and imprisoned.

In Alabama, it is actually illegal to be “imprisoned for debt” though you can still be fined. When it comes to swearing in court, you can be both fined AND imprisoned for swearing. In Australia there is a $200 fine for swearing in court, but if the sentence is more than six months imprisonment then the fine can be increased to $500. 

2) You can be charged for a crime you didn’t know existed.

In the UK, people are being charged and fined for using their mobile phones while on the go, even though this is not a law that has been brought in by Parliament. In the UK you have to have an actual law that has been created by Parliament in order to be penalized or jailed for it. A magistrate in England actually fined someone $240 after he was seen holding his phone whilst driving, despite the fact that this is not an offense that is recognized by parliament and no actual law exists. 

3) A girl is the only person to be imprisoned for rape.

A girl has been imprisoned for rape in Pakistan and this case will go down in history as the only case of a woman being imprisoned for rape. This girl was sentenced to imprisonment and a fine of $9,000 after she was convicted of raping her second cousin, who was also her employer. Her boyfriend at the time was also given one year in prison punishment along with her sentence, as well as being fined $500.

4) Swearing at someone can give you grievous bodily harm.

In England, it is an offense to swear at someone and can result in you being charged with GBH, or grievous bodily harm. If this happens then those who are convicted of doing so can face a fine of up to $110,000 or 10 years in prison!


5) You will be arrested if you don’t look after your pet.

In the UK, it is illegal to let your dog or cat run loose without keeping it under control. Doing so could land you with a hefty fine of up to $1,000 for the first offense and an additional $1,000 for each subsequent dui after that. Under the law in the UK it is illegal not to provide adequate food and care for your animals, if you are found guilty then you could have a $2,400 fine imposed on you. 

6) Anyone caught stealing 200 bullets will be sentenced to life imprisonment.

In the United States, anyone convicted of stealing 200 bullets can be sentenced to life imprisonment. This law was brought in during a time when gun crime was becoming a huge problem and there were many people who were getting hurt due to the sale and use of weaponry. In the UK it is illegal to steal more than 200 bullets. If anyone is caught doing this they will be sentenced to life in prison, with the possibility of receiving a minimum sentence of 5 years in prison plus an unlimited fine. 

7) You can’t get away with putting your hand through a car window and stealing someone’s belongings.

It is an offense for anyone to put their hand through a car window if such action leads to theft, however if this happens and only the glove part of one’s hand touches the other side then there will be no charge brought against them as this does not constitute theft.

8) You can get into trouble for swearing on Twitter.

There have been a number of cases in the UK where people have been charged for abusing other people on Twitter. This is a growing problem, with a man even being given a suspended sentence of 28 days in prison for accusing another man of being gay via Twitter. In the UK, if you are caught swearing on Twitter then you can be given a fine of up to $1,000.

9) One man tripped and fell on someone else’s property.

In the UK you can be fined for unintentionally doing something that could potentially harm someone else. This is called ‘faulty conduct’ and if three people witness it, then they are able to successfully prove it against you. The maximum fine that can be imposed is £2,400. Interestingly enough this means you could owe your neighbor money even if they don’t know who chewed up their rug!

Conclusion of this article:

So these are some really interesting facts about Law. Some of them are really funny too. Hope you like the article and share it with your friends. Thank you for reading!


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