Advion Cockroach Killer: Syngenta Lethal Dose of Poison

Advion 2
Advion 2

Have you ever encountered with an unending infestation of roaches? Are you also worried about this prevailing pest control species and want to get rid of it? If yes then you are landed in the right place. As we all know, there are various cockroaches killing products available in the market at different prices. All of them provide us the same results but here we will talk about the best cockroach gel bait from Syngenta.

Advion Cockroach Killing 

With a precise combination of high-consumption bait matrix and non-repellent active ingredient, Advion cockroach gel bait (1 Tip, 1 Plunger, and 1 Tube) from Syngenta target various species of roaches and effectively control their toughest infestations.

How does Advion Cockroach bait works?

Cockroaches always live in the form of groups. Sooner you have killed one group of roaches, next moment another batch of this nasty pest specie is ready to take place. But Advion gel makes sure that all the population of cockroaches is nowhere to be seen.

The formulation of Advion works on a delayed strategy that allows the active ingredient “Indoxacarb” to react with the enzymes of cockroaches. The slow reaction method of this best cockroach gel baitconsents the roaches to consume the lethal dose of poison and gives cockroaches enough time to return back to their harborage site. So, they can transfer the poison in the bodies of other roaches.

This unique mortality method of Advion gel will cause a significant reduction in the infestation mass of roaches. Each poisoned roach can communicate and infect the other 40 cockroaches in different ways contacting, feces, and by sharing the contaminated food with them. This unique killing strategy of Advion makes this product best.

Which breeds of roaches can control by Advion Cockroach gel?

More than 4500 species of cockroaches are alive in this world and this Advion cockroach killing gel bait can control all of them. From low and moderate to heavy infestation, Advion cockroach gel bait from Syngenta is powerful enough to kill German, American, Asian, and Oriental, Brown-banded, Smoky-Brown, and many other headstrongness cockroaches.

Which breeds of roaches can control by Advion Cockroach gel? It is not appropriate to deal with cockroach on your own. You can further deteriorate the situation and thus it is best to aim pest control services. There technicians are fully trained & insured to give you the best service available from our knowledgeable & experienced staff

Features of Advion Gel

  • Complete speed and spectrum control
  • It contains 0.6% active ingredient “Indoxacarb”
  • High-consumption poison even targets bait-averse species of roaches
  • Non-repellant and high-performance bait matrix
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor uses
  • 3 to 5 drops of Advion gel is enough to control the heavy infestation of cockroaches
  • 1 to 3 drops across 10 linear feet is enough for the low or moderate population of roaches
  • For effective use, the package includes 1 tube, 1 plunger, and 1 tip

Advion Cockroach Gel is suitable to use in the following areas

This tempting and non-repellant Advion Syngenta product is suitable to use in residential, industrial, commercial and institutional areas such as Hospitals, single & multi-family residential buildings, schools & universities, commercial kitchens, trains, buses, nursing homes and industrial facilities (such as supermarkets, food-handling factories, hotels, motels, warehouses, hotels, hospitals and storage establishments).  Moreover, you can also use this Advion cockroach gel bait is also suitable to use for outdoor places (such as gardens and playing areas) and transportation equipment (such as buses, aircraft, ships, boats, cars, and trains).  

(Note: Cover all the food items and food processing surfaces before using this poisoning roach killing gel bait.)

Favorite Hidden Places of Roaches

Advion cockroach killing gel is suitable to use for indoor and outdoor places. The thin tip of the plunger is easily reachable to the favorite hidden places of the roaches such as cracks and crevices, in the wall holes and kitchen & bathroom cabinet holes. Moreover, Advion cockroach gel is best to control the heavy infestation of German cockroaches because they are the most common indoor cockroach species.  

Where to Find this Product in UAE at Affordable Price Range?

The price of this amazing Advion Syngenta product is the most important factor that you should keep in mind. Easyshopping is offering you this Advion Cockroach Gel Sharjah in an affordable price range. No worries, if you are busy and don’t have enough time to go out because Easyshopping is offering you an easy online shopping method so you can get this amazing product at your doorsteps. 


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