Air Fryer- A Healthy Choice For Life


Everyone wants a healthy life and be happy as health is wealth is a known saying to all. However, to achieve that, one has to make certain lifestyle choices to accomplish the goal of a healthy life. Food, being a major part of those choices. Eating salads, raw juices and so on, may not everyone’s cup of tea and certainly not every time. It’s hard not to miss on that fried food once in a while at least, particularly when deep-fried food had been part of our lives for quite some time. It’s not hard anymore to relish that type of food with the help of an Air Fryer. This is an alternative to deep-fried food without having to binge on the heavy fats that come with oils.

Air Fryer-What is it?
This is a kitchen appliance that can be used every day. The only difference is that it makes use of hot air for cooking the food instead of oil. The heat used in cooking is around 200 deg C. Some air fryers come with temperature adjustments. This is provided to make sure the food is cooked accurately and evenly.

Benefits and Disadvantages of an Air Fryer

The primary benefit of an Air Fryer is that it cooks food healthy. As it does not make use of oil, the fat intake is reduced in optimum amount in a meal. While conventional fryers make use of oil that is under constant heat, making it saturated fat. Double fried and deep-fried enhances the intake of fat content as well. The current models available in the market for an Air Fryer are many. Some even have a system that ensures filtering of extra air off the appliance. As the air is filtered, it is eco-friendly as well.

Even though an Air Fryer offers a healthy choice of cooking, there is a primary disadvantage that comes with it, and that is adjustable by the user. This is not to put in excess food in the area meant for cooking. This will result in uneven cooking, and you may end up eating raw, uncooked food. Thicker chunks of meat will require extra time for cooking fully. So, if these things are taken care, of an Air Fryer can become an advantageous solution to a healthy life. The other cons are the price which is expensive for higher-end models.

Air-Fried Cooked Food- How good are they?
By all means, Air Fried food is good at cutting the calories to about 70-80 percent. The food cooked with this model comprises of less fat content.
This method of cooking slashes down the impacts of deep oil frying. A chemical named acrylamide which is created when potatoes and other foods consisting of starch are fried in oil. This chemical poses a risk to cancer. This chemical is almost removed, to about 90 per cent, when the same food is air fried.

Selecting a good Air Fryer
Certain primary features cannot be missed.
They are:

  • A touch screen for an integrated dial or simple navigator system.
    ● Automated timer
    ● Simple cleaning
    ● Space efficient


Owing to the benefits of an Air Fryer, if you make a decision to purchase one, it is essential to look for the Air Fryer features that suit your daily requirement. Higher-end models are often pricier than the lower-end models. The features also associated with the same. Choose an Air fryer that suits your family size and daily requirements to make the best use out of an Air Fryer.


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