All You Need To Know About Pre-Work Check

Prework check
Prework check

Pre-work check is a system that allows students to ensure their work is handed in on time. Pre-work check was introduced by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and Ministry of Manpower (MOM) as an effort to make studying easier for both students and teachers. Pre-work check can be accessed through the MOE Portal or mobile app, where teachers will enter the student’s name, school, grade and course number. 

The student then simply has to submit their work from home before it gets mixed up with their classmates’. Upspreworkcheck com app is a new way to check your pre-work. The main difference between pre-work and the conventional way is that teachers no longer have to stand in a long queue at the pigeon hole or face the stress of losing one’s work. Students no longer have to rush their work through the pre-work slot and risk leaving things behind. 

Teachers can use pre-work checks to track the progress of each student and communicate material with them more easily. Pre-work Check has been used at schools since 2012, but its functions were limited. In 2013, it was introduced by MOE as an online system that assists in tracking students’ hand in progress. The MOE is planning to set a target of introducing pre-work checks to all primary and secondary schools in Singapore by 2017. Under the plan, pre-work check will be available at all schools starting from June 1 this year to provide students with ease and convenience.

“Pre-work check”, which allows students to monitor their work status online, was launched on the first day of school by Minister for Education (Higher Education and Skills) Ong Ye Kung where about 13,000 classes used it during the trial run. The trial came after months of system checks with teachers, students and parents as well as extensive feedback from supervisors and University of Cambridge Overseas Colleges on how services could be further enhanced.

All You Need To Know About Pre-Work Check :

1. How does it work?

Students can visit the Education Portal or mobile app and enter their course code and school to track their progress. It also allows students to make sure that they are handing in their work on time, as well as receive work reminders if they forgot to submit something. Teachers, who do not have to stand in a long queue at the pigeon hole, can also check the progress of their students from home.

2. When was the Pre-Work Check introduced?

Pre-Work Check was launched by MOE and MOE on Aug 1 2014 to support students’ study with ease and convenience. A year later in August 2015, pre-work check, which was first introduced on the first day of school, helped SG’s 13,000 classes successfully submit their work online. In the past two years since its launch, MOE has worked closely with teachers to refine its functions and improve its user experience. Engineers from Nanyang Technological University will be providing technical support from September this year.

3. Why is pre-work check a better tool?

Since its introduction, Pre-Work Check has reduced the time spent on checking work and has also helped teachers monitor students’ work progress more easily. The system notifies students if they have not submitted their work at an earlier due date. Time was previously wasted standing in the queue at the pigeon hole waiting for teachers to pick up the students’ hand in work. This resulted in a backlog of work as teachers had to wait until all of their students’ work was collected before marking it.

Its mobile app has been designed to provide students with more options to submit their work and allows students to track their progress. It also allows teachers to make sure that they are handing in their work on time, as well as receive reminders if they forgot to submit something.

4. What will be the benefits of Pre-Work Check in the future?

Pre-Work Check helps teachers stay up-to-date with what is happening at the school. This helps them monitor the progress of each student, which the teachers can then use for lessons, resources or even formulate individual plans for each student’s needs and academic plans. Pre-Work Check also helps students monitor their own progress. Pre-Work Check can also provide teachers with more data on their students’ progress, helping them design lessons accordingly.

Pre-Work Check will not only help students and teachers ease their workloads, but it will also make the administration of school work easier by keeping class information up-to-date. It is expected to reduce the cases of students being given an extension or returned to class with a ‘not submitted’ label due to errors in submitting work. According to MOE, students will have more opportunities for career development and tertiary qualifications. 


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