An Entertaining Guide to the Deeper Meanings of Cyber


In the cyber world, many definitions exist for what “cyber” means. It can refer to a particular technology or technology as a whole, could be referencing an internet-based computer network, and is often used as a prefix to give names of other topics. The meaning of cyber changes with each context it is used in. Sometimes the word is even used inaccurately, such as when it’s meant to express a sense of something being “hacked.” Free Opinion IST says, Its different uses often make it difficult to truly understand what cyber means without looking beyond its primary meanings. This article will attempt to clear up the confusion by viewing the cyber world from a larger perspective. 

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First, what is a computer? What exactly is a network? And finally, what is a “hacker”?

Computers allow us to take on the position of a modern prophet. It has given us an opportunity to take part in something much greater than ourselves, and even greater than our own comprehension. It has allowed us to speak as one voice as we warn our society away from danger. In this sense, computers can be viewed as a tool used by those who wish to convey the word of God through the use of words and code.

In order for hackers to successfully make use of computers they must first understand their inner workings and functions. 

They must know how to gather information, process it in various ways, and then transport or distribute it in the appropriate way. One way of parsing information is to use words in combination with electronic flow of data (networks). It is when hackers use their advanced knowledge of computers to gain an advantage over others when they are viewed as cyber criminals.

Complex futuristic setting

Imagining a complex futuristic setting might help us understand what is meant by the word “cyber” when used in modern times. The world of cyber offers a complete package for living that includes all the amenities found within society today, but on a more technologically advanced level. The social aspects of living in this setting is also more advanced, with art, sports, and interaction between individuals almost entirely reliant on the cyber world. People in cyber are able to purchase in-world objects in order to transform their physical selves. Those who are not in favor of the ways of cyberspace feel they are being left behind when advancements made in this world are transferred into physical reality.

Malicious acts

The word “cyber” today is used when referring to people who engage in illegal activities that involve computers or networks. It is easy for normal people to forget about the advanced technology that lies behind these malicious acts because they are often not aware of what exactly goes on within a computer system. It is not surprising that most people would fail to recognize, let alone understand what it is that hackers do.

The root of the word “cyber” comes from the ancient Greek word “kybernetes”. This word refers to one who steers or directs another. However, unlike an ordinary steerer this person is guiding him/herself through the world. It becomes readily apparent why this term was chosen as a name for those who hack into computer systems and networks. The word cyber also means the same thing as cheater or swindler in ancient Greek.


In the cyber world, there are a variety of programs or software that can manipulate other computer programs. This kind of process is sometimes referred to as “hacking.” In order for a hacker to gain access to a computer system, he must overcome the security systems that are in place. In as much as humans as individuals have been able to find ways around security systems that have previously been laid out by other humans it becomes apparent why hackers are taking advantage of these codes. Simply put, hacking is using knowledge and unique methods to penetrate and gain unauthorized access to computer and/or network systems and data.

Bigger insights

That’s why we’ve put together this post all about the deeper meanings behind how cyber can be applied in our everyday lives and write introductions for those bigger insights. Here are a few of the definitions you’re likely to come across when you delve a little deeper into what cyber means.

Cyber can be used to refer to a digital form of something. When someone is described as being “cyber,” it usually means they have a lot of experience with technology and tend to be more technical in their approach. It has been used colloquially in this way for many years. In fact, “being cyber” became an outdated internet slang term that was still being used as recently as the late 90s! The element of “cyber” in this sense is associated with being technical and perhaps even nerdy.

The word also has a more literal meaning in technology, where it refers to a network of computers. When describing something as “digital,” cyber is used with it to refer to the form of the technology. This usage of “cyber” is most often seen in reference to computers and computer networks, but it can also be used to describe any piece of digital technology, including email systems and phone systems (such as Skype).


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