Cadbury Bournvita Lil Champs Chocolate Health Drink

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alexander mils nG4ZimMIO k unsplash

There’s nothing better when you need a pick-me-up than a Cadbury Bournvita Liquorice Chocolate Health Drink, and you can now enjoy one each month.

 It’s the perfect way to start the day with a sugar hit of Bournvita liquorice and chocolate. You can also enjoy Lil Champs in milk, and there are 7 fun flavours to choose from. 

Have healthier days with Cadbury Bournvita Lil Champs!

This is an informative post about the new health drink called Lil Champs that comes in 7 different flavors.

The drink is basically made up of Bournvita and liquorice. The 7 different flavors are:

Original Bournvita – Black Liquorice

Mint Chocolate – Milk Chocolate

Berry Burst – Mint Chocolate

Tropical Punch – Raspberry & Orange

Jungle Fruit – Orange & Pineapple

Poached Pears & Plums – Wild Strawberry & Blackberry 

Chocolate Potion – Milk Chocolate   [1] 

Champion Pack 

For each flavor, there’s a drink equivalent called a “Champion Pack”. 

The drinks in the Champion Packs are the same as the Original Bournvita or Berry Burst, but they come with Fruity Minstrels, which are rewards for completing activities in Galaxy Event 2. T

hese Fruity Minstrels are different from the Fruity Minstrels that are included with the Yogscast Series 1 health drink.

I’m going to pick out my favorites right now. For the Original Bournvita, I find it nice and refreshing like a soda, but it’s also mildly sweet and has a bit of that liquorice flavor. 

However, the real star is the Fruity Minstrel. 

The closest thing I can compare it to is the candy treat called Sour Patch Kids or that candy called Skittles.

 For the Mint Chocolate and Wild Strawberry drinks, I was most surprised by how much I liked them. 

Mint Chocolate is more minty than chocolatey, so it’s very refreshing and cooling to drink in summertime (like a nice minty iced coffee). 

The Wild Strawberry drink is interesting because it tastes like strawberry jam, but it doesn’t have any of the artificial syrupy-ness that regular jams have. 

It’s more like a sweet strawberry syrup. My favorite flavor in this pack would have to be the Tropical Punch. 

It’s got both Raspberry and Orange flavors going on at once, so you get a melange of both flavors in every sip or bite…it’s really good stuff. 

The Raspberry flavor reminds me of a raspberry fruit roll-up for some reason, but the Orange flavor is just straight up orange or an orange juice concentrate. 

It’s really nice to drink if you’ve had a really long day and feel like having a real treat.

Twelve Bournvita Champion Packs 

There are twelve Bournvita Champion Packs in each box, which means there are 144 Bournvita drinks in total.

There’s one drink for each day of the month, so it’s a pretty good selection to pick from. 

I’d say the Ultimate Box has the best selection because you really get a good variety of health drinks for your money.

I’m sure you could swap-out the Bournvita Champion Packs to replace them with other health drinks like Milo, Nestle Crunch and Nestle Hot Chocolate, but I don’t know if that would make a huge difference.

My favorite Yogscast-related part of this product is the Fruity Minstrels. 

They’re a really good little sweet snack and I think it’s really cool that you get to collect something in a Bournvita health drink. 

It just encourages people to drink more since there’s a little reward for sticking with it. 

The boxes aren’t even that big, so I think those seven pieces should last you at least a week or so.

There are several other different prizes you can win if you do certain activities while the Galaxy Event is happening, but they are limited edition and only available with the Lil Champs Champion Packs. I’ll go into those in detail later on.

Overall, I’d say this is a good product from Cadbury. I’m not entirely sure how it fits in with the Yogscast Galaxy Events, but it’s still an interesting product regardless and a good one for fans of soda and sports. 

Yogscast Store – Healthy Drinks

It’s nice that there’s more variety in these drinks rather than just one type of Bournvita drink all the time. 

I’d definitely suggest picking up a pack or two if you see them at your local store or if they’re on special during their release period at Target or Toys R Us (Canada). 

The only “cons” I see are the limited edition prizes and the limited variety of Bournvita drinks.

Here’s a video review from Yogscast member Mark Hulmes about the Bournvita Champion Packs

Versatility is one of the biggest things that sets a health drink apart from regular sodas, and there’s nothing more versatile than Bournvita. 

This is a pudding-style drink with a lot of Bournvita in it and some liquorice added in. Bournvita is made entirely from natural ingredients, so it contains almost no sugar or artificial sweeteners at all.

I’m not sure what I want to compare it to here; it tastes like the chocolate part of ice cream or frozen yogurt somehow, but perhaps it isn’t as rich or creamy as ice cream or frozen yogurt. Also, this Drink doesn’t stick with my mouth because there may be some minty flavor in there that helps wash off the chocolate taste.


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