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The Latest Firewire Standard Trends: Hip or Hype?

If you have a burning need to learn everything that's going on with the latest firewire standards,  this article will teach you what it all means and detour you...
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Meaning of TBU on facebook

To Become Unavailable This term is used often in reference to Facebook. It means that a person has changed their privacy settings  so that only their...
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List of Equipments that need for video blogging

List of equipments that need for video blogging. Are you a budding videoblogger who wants to make the most out of their video, but doesn't know what equipment they...
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Trending and Viral Stories

Sometimes it seems like we’ve seen it all — everything from triplets to world records.  But believe it or not, there are still plenty of incredible stories that always...
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Curious Coin of ancinet India

This coin was dug up in the Indian village of Janta, and it is said to originate from the time of Alexander The Great.  It is illustrated with a...
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Sogecoin prediction and analysis

Towards the end of last year, in November, sogecoin made a massive jump in price.  The coin rallied from around $2 to nearly $30 in two weeks.
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Salaries of president, vice president and other officials

Do you know what the president's salary is, or how many vice presidents there are?  Here's an explanation of the salaries of top government officials.  What...
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Updated alchemist code tier list 2021

Since the last tier list was released, the meta has changed drastically.  The top-tier decks are now more reliant on spells and less on creatures, whereas midrange decks rely...
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How to add tags to stat getstat?

A tag is a piece of information that belongs to an object.  This means that the tag itself is not object but it always connected to or part of...
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The “land of giants” thought experiment

The "land of giants" thought experiment is a thought experiment about  how it might be possible to reduce the size of humans and
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