Create a perfect coastal decor with these enchanting lighting ideas

lighting ideas

Coastal decor is as easy and breezy as it sounds and it can leave you bewitched right at first glance. But it does take a little effort to get this decor right as it does get a little intricate when it comes to the detailing part. If you need to nail your coastal decor then you need to get the colour palette right including the primary and the accent colours, then you need to get the shapes right, the finishes right and everything else involved. 

The pressure increases when you need to get your lighting designs to complement the seaside tones and the overall nautical theme. You have to be very careful while choosing the lighting designs but don’t worry as we bring the best and the most convenient lighting ideas that can add flair to your decor. Now, sit back and take a look. 

1. Prioritise aesthetics over functionality 

You could either be situated on a beachside home or you could be tucked in somewhere in the urban and wishing to sport a beautiful and robust coastal decor. When it comes to planning the lighting layout of a place like that, you can prioritise aesthetics over functionality without any second thoughts. Any given lighting design boasts a decent functionality quotient and that’s the idea with the coastal decor. You need to make use of natural lighting a little more than the artificial lighting. 

The best lighting design to fulfil this purpose of yours is a pendant light. And it’s not just because of its compact design that we’re suggesting a pendant light, it’s the focal point it creates. But you need to make sure that the pendant light your choose flaunts a reasonable rustic design. You can now find pretty decent pendant lights online that will fit your purpose pretty well. 

2. Nautical themed ambient lighting 

Since aesthetics are our priority, you can go overboard with coastal-themed ambient lighting. There’s a lot of things that you can play around with but make sure you atleast flaunt one table lamp or floor lamp in your decor as the ambience plays key to your theme. Feel free to choose the most vivid designs and as mentioned above, the more rustic the lighting fixtures are, the better. You can head to any table lamp shop near you or you can surf online and pinpoint the designs to go ahead with the theme. 

A floor lamp in your decor will be equally if not more impactful than a table lamp. There are a few things that a floor lamp does better than a table lamp, especially when it comes to creating a focal point in the decor or adding an enhanced functionality quotient in the space. 

3. Choose the right colour tones and the right material 

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a shore is the calm and the serenity and all the shades of blue. When it comes to choosing the material of the lighting designs, the more natural the material the better. Your primary colours should be white or warm off-whites, tans and beiges, while your accent colous could be aqua, blue, seagrass green, corals and greys. 


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