Custom Glossy Business Cards.


What is a jamberry business card vistaprint?

Jamberry business cards vistaprint is a company offering people an easy way to make business cards that are then customized with their own designs and colors. This process includes swatches of different materials, which they send out in the mail and allow you to choose what you would like on your card. After you have selected, jamberry will turn around a ready-made business card for your purchase!

This is just one example of how businesses are now required to use jamberry or vistaprint for the marketing portion of their initiatives, meaning even something as small as giving out business cards has become expensive in comparison with old models such as paper printouts or hiring a designer on retainer.


Before business cards, people would send out personal letters, take pictures with their cell phone cameras, or simply hand out business cards on the street. Now this is all completely replaced by the jamberry card. Jamberry prints and laminates your business card onto durable laminate. These are strong enough to last through years of being bent and destroyed. The card also has a back layer to protect it from wear and tear from being passed around in your business cards. Jamberry cards have a smooth matte finish that will give you a professional look, no matter how many times you fold your card or bend it up for a quick reminder of your name.

Features of the card:

The back of the card has a small area where you can write your own personal message and an area to write your company information. The business cards are then laminated. This means they are coated with special adhesive, which makes the card last longer than those created by simple paper and ink printing. The business cards have an inset area on the front where you can put small photos or other images of your choice, so people will always have something to remember who they saw that one time at a conference or conference-related event.

What do jamberry cards cost?

The price depends on what you want printed on your jamberry business cards vistaprint. There are multiple pricing options available. The basic option is the “Cardxpress” jamberry business cards. This is a bare-bones card that has a one-color imprint only on the front, with no back layer or inset area for pictures. This card costs everyday low prices and can be handed out at conferences or used as an effective marketing tool. In this case, you pay more for less! Another option is “EZ Trim” Business Cards (or any other jamberry product).

Advantages of the card:

The advantages to the jamberry cards are that they are customizable. They can be made in any size and shape, making them even more effective than an actual picture. Another advantage is that they do not fall apart over time, which means they make a good paper weight! This is great for people who need to keep their important papers around and look businesslike while doing it.

Disadvantages of the card:

The disadvantage of the jamberry card is that it is more expensive than traditional methods of purchasing business cards. The backing can be made with different options, but those add to the price of your final product as well.

Where can I get it?

You can get your jamberry business cards from businesses on a fairly low scale. Jamberry usually has promotional deals for large orders, so be sure to ask about discounts if you have never purchased from them before. They are also more than willing to provide samples to clients for free when it makes sense for their business in a given instance, so always ask!

The process of customization:

This is a great method for small companies who do not have access to high-end designers in order to make their own business cards look good. There is no cost involved with this process, as all you have to do is go through the simple swatch mailer and follow the steps outlined by the company’s sales representative.

Jamberry cards are often used to promote small businesses. If a company is using jamberry cards, they are helping to give their company a professional look. Even if a company is trying to get new clients, jamberry business cards can help promote their product without investing as much money as other methods of marketing.

Is it worth the money?

If you are looking for a great business card that can effectively get your name out to people, these are the way to go. A price ranging from $17–$35 per card is not much at all in comparison with what you will pay if you decide to order business cards as a marketing tactic.

What do people think of them?

People love the jamberry cards because they are high quality and also very inexpensive. The make it easy for small businesses to afford the materials needed to help them become successful.


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