Endless Adventures Hawaii

Endless adventures Hawaii

Hawaii is a wonderful island with a tropical climate. It has a huge volcanic mountaintop protruding from the sea as well as a lovely landscape. Waterfalls are falling down the mountainsides of the Na Pali coast, with rivers digging deep into Kauai’s rock to form the Waimea Canyon. It is home to the historic Pearl Harbor.  This pacific Island is home to an abundance of marine life, providing unlimited opportunities to scuba dive, surf, snorkel, or splash in the water after sunbathing. 

ESTA for international visitors 

ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) provides a platform for travellers desiring to come to the United States on a short-term stay without a visa. As long as the purpose is for tourism or business, you can complete an esta visa hawaii application and get authorization to enter the country. This option comes as a perfect alternative to getting a valid visa through the usual US embassy in your native country. However, not every traveller from the world over is permitted to utilize the visa waiver granted by the US.

Your country will need to be a member of the visa wavier program granted by the united states. Using an online system made just for ESTA, you can check the requirements and stay length granted to your country and its citizens. All usa esta application is finalized and processed using an online platform. It is demanded of all applicants that the application is completed no less than 72 hours in advance of your arrival on the state soil. 

After applying, do well to note the application number. It will come in handy when you choose to check the status of your application. The application is not for free, but the cost of processing is relatively cheap. The wavier program is given the green light is valid for use for up to 2 years. Within this period, you can travel back and forth the states all two years long. 

Rest easy about printing out your ESTA data, and everything is done in an automated fashion. Your carrier will definitely receive it before you get to the US. Check out from the start the countries permitted to go into the United States with this program. There are not so many, and we will quickly name a handful of them. 

Australia, Spain, Belgium, South Korea, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway, Portugal, The Netherlands, Taiwan. Go to the webpage to know if your country is permitted for this program.

Swim with Whales Hawaii 

There are different whale species, including humpback whales living in the waters of Hawaii. The humpback whales migrate to the islands every year between November and May and then return to Alaska’s feeding grounds. There are laws laid down that forbids travelling within 100 yards of any humpback whale. The law also extends to other whale species permitting a contact no closer than 50 yards. Do not worry about viewing these creatures, and they are massive enough to be viewed from such a distance without difficulty. 

Hawaii is home to about 24 whale species. Whale species found in Hawaii come there for a reason. Each motive for occupying the Hawaiian waters sets them in the soil at varying points in the year. For a curious diver, this guarantees to see and swim with these large creatures at various times of the year. All year round and with no break, but of course, if you seek to see a particular species, you will need to monitor the time of year they come into the waters. 

 Hawaii Health Spa

 Visitors to this beautiful Island have long craved Hawaii’s curative climate and healing power of volcanoes and saltwater to restore health. You can enjoy the rhythmic strokes of a lomilomi massage, which is a traditional healing art. Rejuvenate your skin with local flower and Kona coffee scrubs. Whenever you are in Hawaii, some of the health spas you can visit include:

  • Spa Helani
  • Lighthouse spa
  • The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Kapalua
  • Laniwai spa
  • Hanalei day spa

Hawaii Water Sports Center 

This center can be found within the water of Koko Marina Oahu, not so far away from Hanauma Bay, Waikiki, and Honolulu. The Hawaii water sports center offers lots of water fun activities, including wakeboarding, Parasailing, Jet skiing, Water-skiing, Scuba Diving, a Banana boat ride, Bumper tube ride, and Transportation Hanauma Bay.

What Not to Do in Hawaii

There are things you should never do when you find yourself in Hawaii, which include:

  • Do not touch the turtles
  • Do not touch the dolphins and seals
  • Do not touch the coral
  • Do not skip the car rental
  • Don’t be an aggressive driver
  • Don’t be rude to your restaurant servers and bartenders
  • Don’t rent snorkel gear
  • Don’t overspeed or use your phone while driving
  • Don’t dismiss warning signs
  • Don’t litter or smoke on the beach
  • Don’t touch the lava
  • Don’t take lava rocks home


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