Fast-Track Your HAIRCUT

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No one likes to wait in a long line, while the stylist keeps changing their mind and then checking their hair on Facebook. With these hacks, you’ll be in and out in under 20 minutes!

Hair cuts can cost as much as $45 for a simple trim—not including tip for half dyed hair curly. So if you need a haircut immediately, it can be quite costly. But don’t worry because there are some great ways to hack your haircut so that it doesn’t cost that much money and takes less time than going to the salon!

1. Ask for a “shout cut”. 

Sometimes stylists will increase the length of hair from their normal cut to make it look more flattering. This can be quite time-consuming for the stylist, which means that you could get a good haircut for a cheaper price.

2. Go with friends. 

If you have friends who are getting their haircut and want you to tag along, ask the salon if they could make an exception and accept two clients at once. Chances are your friends will be too embarrassed to walk into the salon on their own and might just give up and let you in.

3. Ask for a “raise” before the haircut.

If your hair is too long, ask to have the length of your hair raised before the cut. The stylist might be able to shave a few inches off and still get great styling.

4. Practice in the mirror!

Every single person has that weird spot on their head that makes them look crazy and messy. If you live in a small town, you should definitely ask if you can practice at home with a friend or family member while they watch so you can see how you’ll look from every angle and make sure there are no major flaws in it.

5. Buy hair products that are made for people with long hair.

Hair products designed to be used by people with long hair will work wonders on your hair without making it look greasy or gross.

6. Wait until the day of your haircut to ask for a trim.

If you want your hair up, but are really unsure about what length you’ll like, ask for a trim the day before and make sure that you get exactly what you want! 

7. Ask for a “middle-part” cut.

Middle-parted cuts are great for people with wavy or curly hair because it gives a sloppy but chic look to your hair.

8. Ask for a short layered haircut instead of a blunt cut or an undercut.

Long pieces of hair can make your head look smaller, and let’s face it— who wants that? When you ask for an undercut, you’ll probably get one on top of your head and another one on the back as well as sides, but short layers on the sides, middle and back will make your face look slimmer and elongate it, leaving you with the exact amount of hair down there you want!

9. Ask the stylist to “clone” what they’ve done before.

Sometimes hair stylists work on a long-term project that they’ve been working on for a while. For example, they might be working toward a haircut that will require layers or have a signature look to it. If interested, ask the stylist to clone the last haircut they’ve done so you can have the same exact hairstyle as before— especially if you’re going to be seeing them again. 

10. Go with friends!

Similar to number two, this gives you more chances of getting your way and getting exactly what you want!

11. Ask for “face-framing layers”.

For people who don’t want too much hair on their face but still want volume, ask for face-framing layers. These types of layers are very thin, but they start off thinner on the top and gradually get thicker as they get closer to your face.

12. Ask for a “layered bob.”

This can be great for people who have a lot of hair and want to keep it in check without looking like one big head of hair. The layered bob haircut can be similar to the middle-parted cut but is much shorter at the front and gradually gets longer as it moves towards the back. This gives you more thickness in the bangs, which will make your hair look thicker and fuller, while letting you have a short haircut from the sides forward.

13. Go to a salon that is on the second floor.

The second floor of a building is generally where the better-looking salons are located. This way, you’ll always have an excuse if your hair turns out funny because you stood in the wrong place for too long!

14. Buy a set of fake eyelashes.

If you’re not good at applying eyeliner or if you don’t want to spend the money, buy fake eyelashes from your local drug store so that you can get your makeup done at home.


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