Hilarious Anniversary Gift Ideas to share a good laugh your BAE

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christmas tree 3784021 1920

Who says that anniversaries always have to be sweet and romantic? Well, it’s totally up to you and your partner how you want to make it.  

If your anniversary is approaching at full pace, then you must have already started making your lists of all the stuff they would require to make their partner feel special. And why not, anniversary is one and only time to express your love for someone and that too, officially. 

Yes, officially, because this day is celebrated by people all around the globe. Anniversaries are an important day for all couples, and every couple tries to make this important day even more special and memorable, by buying personalized wedding anniversary gifts that are guaranteed to make your special one smile with joy. There are so many ways to make this day a special one, and every couple has their own definition of special. 

For some, surprise anniversary flowers delivery for bae is an idea of perfect celebration, and others like to celebrate it by organizing a fancy date. But if you and your partner are a hardcore believer of exchanging gifts as idea of sharing love, then your search for gifts might have already started.  

But you know it’s not always romantic gifts that work well for the anniversary celebration. You can shift to hilarious gifts as well if you are shopping for someone with humor. Let me warn you, try this at your own risk as your partner might beat the shit out of you if your gift attacks their sour points by any chance. Make sure that he or she understands your humors else the day can really be a mess. So, if you like this quirky idea, here is a list of hilarious anniversary gift ideas that will prove to be much more fun. Let’s begin

A cactus bouquet

I am not sure if they even make it, but you have to manage it somehow then buy a cactus bouquet which is really weird and funny. Yes, opening the list with a cactus bouquet. Enough of red roses on this day, your partner might have already collected dried roses from past years, so this time give roses a break and instead give them a cactus pot. 

Though it’s totally up to you if you want to bind that thorny plant into a bouquet. Considering its thorns, it might be hard to create a bouquet out of it. Plus point, this plant will live much longer than your rose bouquet. Also, to cover up, be ready with an online flower delivery in Mumbai as well you know as a backup. 

A quirky love letter

You must be thinking that how can a love letter be quirky right? Well, there are many ways to do so. Sure, you will be expressing your feelings only, but in a different way. For this, you have to write down your true feelings and that too on toilet paper. Tell them that you love them from top to bottom, from day to night, to the moon and back, but have to do this only on paper. 

Trust me it will be fun. Let the toilet paper hang in its place and even in every room in the house. This gift will keep things light and fun for you and your sweetheart. Just remember, it is only for couples who understand a sense of humor!

Lego rose

You might have figured it out by now that this list is going to be quirky. Though I really love gifting real fresh flowers and so keep on mentioning flowers in other stuff as well that serve the same purpose. Yes, I agree that fresh flowers are gorgeous and soothe the eyes making them an ideal gift. But due to their short life, I try to keep them off the shelf. If you love flowers, 

I have a better option, and that is a Lego rose. Unlike the other flowers, these won’t wither away and don’t require sunlight and water. So, finally, a rose that will last forever. 

This is the list of anniversary gifts that are way cooler than ordinary gifts that we usually purchase because these are hilarious. Just pick up your favorite idea from the list. But beware, you might end up offending someone if you are shopping for someone who doesn’t understand such gifts and your humors. 


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