Hillsboro Aero Academy — Comparing Aviation University and Private Flight Schools.

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Comparing Aviation University and Private Flight Schools.

Are you planning to be a pilot? Spending your days planning your dream career can be both an exciting and a daunting task, don’t you agree? Especially how to decide from where to begin? Selection of institute is the most challenging call, as that will determine the further journey. Can you relate to it? Are you stuck and unable to decide the best foundation school? Do one flight school and what they offer seem very similar to the others you just researched? Well, we are happy to help. Let us tell you the right questions to ask and the answers that would mold your choice.

Ø  Aviation university V/S private flight schools: which are better

Aviation studies are unique in their own ways. It requires immense empirical education. And why not? Flying an expensive aircraft and being responsible for the life and wellbeing of so many people is a big deal. So, if you are ready to enter this industry but unsure of the academy to choose, here’s the right place to help you decide which is the right option for beginning your career.

o   Cost – Aviation, on the whole, is an expensive affair. The price of an aviation degree is no different, making the university study of three years degree financially more burdening than a year-long course at a private flight school. Naturally, not everyone has a deep pocket. If you know of a person or a loved one who is planning to opt for this marvelous training, a small sum of money could be the best gifting choice to immensely help in their education process.

o   Degree course or certification — Aviation universities are famous for their four-year-long degree course and practical training. On the other side, private flight schools offer flight training programs of shorter duration with more emphasis on empirical studies. The lesser number of training days also means affordability. If you are looking for a reliable setup to learn and grow, a good choice can be Hillsboro Aero Academy. At Hillsboro Aero Academy, you can turn your dream into a rewarding career in just 12 months. With Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) accreditation and placement support, this school could be the right mentor to give wings to your flying dreams. For them, their students are not just a name in the roster system. They provide individual attention to their students studying their strengths and challenges. In return, you get more personalized guidance to soar in your career goals.

o   Learning procedures- Aviation universities consume years to impart theoretical information backed by practical training and internships. In contrast, flight schools encourage learning through pitching on the field. Such intensive field practice can be of advantage.

o   Placement – Universities have the upper hand in this criterion as degree helps in boosting employability. It opens an array of job roles as you get to study alongside like-minded people from the same background. It also comes up with internship programs which are beneficial in forming networks. Comparing flight schools in this domain leads to the fact that they mostly have a recommendation system, and the new pilot has to seek a duty of his own.

Could we help you gain a little clarity? The decision to choose a school for your profession is a huge and significant one. It is an integral part of shaping your career. Well, we know you are aware of the importance. Isn’t it the reason you feel a little overwhelmed? We hope to reiterate that both universities and private schools have their pros and cons as setups. Remember, a flexible environment in any school is something to ponder and harp upon. If you are still in a dilemma, seek advice from fellows who have attended the same establishment. Their viewpoint can be a decision changer for you. 


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