How Polished Floors Can Benefit Those That Suffer from Asthma and Allergies


As an asthma or allergy sufferer, you’ve probably tried everything over the years to get the problem under control. You’ve probably used all sorts of products while friends and family recommend new products every time another enters the market. This is great, but the problem will never truly go away if you don’t consider your environment. Surprisingly, the flooring you use at home and at work can play a bigger role than you might think.

The Carpet Conundrum

Unfortunately, most flooring options are a nightmare for allergy and asthma sufferers. To nobody’s surprise, one of the worst options of all is carpet. Carpets are good for lots of things including a budget, those who want a beautiful design, and the soft nature. However, carpet is inherently bad in many other areas.

For example, carpet traps lots of microscopic allergens including moisture, mould, dust mites, and dirt. More than any other flooring option, carpet holds onto these allergens and the problem only gets worse without proper cleaning. Whether in the home or office, even vacuuming doesn’t eliminate the allergens because they get knocked deeper and deeper as time goes on. Eventually, nothing will remove it (except removing the carpet itself!).

Right at the bottom of the carpet, you’ll find a different padded material. Once allergens seep through to this level, they’re almost impossible to remove. With this in mind, more and more manufacturers are investing in moisture-resistant padding, hypoallergenic materials, and more. Despite all the positive changes in this niche recently, it still doesn’t change the fact that it’s carpet and that it gathers allergens at a faster rate than other flooring options.

For those with allergies and asthma, you’re more vulnerable to these allergens and it could make you feel uncomfortable in your own home. Even if you’re using medical products, it’s still only covering the problem. As soon as you stop with the medication, your allergies or asthma will return.

Benefits of Polished Concrete

Even with hardwood flooring, it can hold pathogens as the flooring becomes saturated. Therefore, it’s important to really consider your choice of flooring. For many asthma and allergy sufferers, they’ve settled on residential polished concrete floors, and it’s not hard to see why. Primarily, pathogens are eliminated quickly due to the smooth surface.

What’s more, the hypoallergenic nature of polished concrete means that bacteria and other nasties simply can’t survive on the flooring. What does this mean? Well, no more mould, mildew, moisture, dust mites, bacteria, and other allergens. As a non-porous material, nothing gets inside the concrete and you stay healthier. This is a perfect solution for individuals with respiratory conditions, asthma, or allergies.

Why else should you consider switching to polished concrete? For those who don’t like hoovering and other chores, polished concrete is easy to clean. Every so often, go over the flooring with a wet mop.

Just in case this isn’t enough, there are many other options to choose polished concrete over other flooring options. For example, the surface is stain-resistant, it reflects light and makes the room look brighter and bigger, it offers slip resistance (important for businesses!), it’s cost-effective, and offers a smooth flooring for all to enjoy.

Finally, it’s possible to choose a colour and design that matches your needs. While you might go for a simple design at home, you may want a printed logo for a business. Either way, you find something that matches the rest of the room and property. Switch to polished concrete now to help allergy and asthma sufferers!


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