How to Choose the Right Online Sportsbook


Sports betting is legal in over 20 states. Some states support in-person betting: you must visit a brick-and-mortar casino to place your bet. However, numerous bookmakers also allow you to wager online.

Betting online is more convenient. It’s time-saving. It’s safe and just as good as betting in Las Vegas. But how do you select the right online sportsbook for you?

Determine Your Expectations 

Are you looking for a mobile betting app? Are you in search of an eSports betting website? Or do you simply want a bookie with free bets and bonuses? Knowing what you want in a sportsbook can save you time.

You can look for 20 sportsbooks. Then, you can eliminate all the bookmakers that don’t offer the services you like. Let’s say you want a bookie that supports video game competitions. You’ll only focus on sportsbooks that cover eSports.

If your main interest is an iOS mobile betting app, you won’t have to waste time on android betting apps. That said, the modern betting company is equipped with a wide range of features to satisfy all kinds of punters.

Not only do the best bookies cover all major and minor sports, but they also feature bonuses, apps, and live betting. All the same, it’s essential to verify that a bookie offers the services you’re after before signing up for an account. 

Do Your Research

Here’s a secret for finding the right online sportsbook quickly. Find a good review website that compares the safest betting sites in the US. Then choose one of the recommended sportsbooks. You’ll save on time and also find a good bookie.

If you have time to spare, though, use the following criteria to identify the best online sportsbook for you:

  • Safety and Reputation

Safety and reputation go hand in hand. It is a site that is unsafe; it can’t be reputable. If it’s trustworthy according to online reviews, it most likely also takes care of your data and money. There are several ways to identify a secure betting website.

You can check standard security features: HTTPS encryption, password protection, and a data collection policy. You also look at the company’s license. If it comes from a respected regulator like the UK, Malta, or New Jersey, it’s probably a safe company.

Respected gambling regulators only license secure betting websites and apps. A company has to use high-standard security tools before it can be considered for a license. Reputation-wise, this is something you have to learn about from reviews.

Join sportsbooks forums to discover what people think about different betting companies. Read both positive and negative reviews. That way, you’ll know everything to expect from a bookmaker.

  • Sports Coverage

As we mentioned earlier, today’s betting companies take a comprehensive approach to covering sports. Few bookies specialize in one or a few sports. Instead, they provide betting markets for all major and minor sports.

That’s great, but it’s only a starting point for finding the right bookmaker. For starters, ensure the sportsbook covers your favorite sports. What’s more, it should cover your preferred leagues with competitive odds.

Assuming you’re a soccer fan, you want a bookie covering the MLS, the Premier League, the Champions League, and other major tournaments. And as stated, the odds should be competitive.

Betting with great odds is the reason so many punters choose to join multiple betting websites. It makes it easy to compare odds and to bet at the site with the best odds.

Still, on betting markets, choose an app that provides a fantastic array of bet types. That way, you can wager on straight bets, parlays, spreads, props, totals, and futures.

  • Payments and Policies

Before you think about free bets and promotions, look at a bookie’s payment options. Look for digital wallets like PayPal and Google Pay if you love quick payment methods. Look for Visa and MasterCard if you prefer cards. And if you’re in love with crypto, look for an excellent Bitcoin betting site.

Crucially, check out the company’s payment policies. Find out the minimum you should deposit, the fees involved, and the payout speed. If you’re a high-roller, then you want to join a sportsbook with high roller-friendly limits.

Generally speaking, the best betting companies allow you to deposit from $5 to $10,000 through ACH, cards, and e-wallets. Most payment methods have zero fees for deposits to sportsbooks.

However, many betting companies charge withdrawal fees. So, read withdrawal terms carefully to understand the fees charged. Also, learn about the time it takes to withdraw money from the betting website.

  • Bonuses and Promotions

For many punters, bonuses are the first thing they look at when finding betting websites. It’s easy to why. Free bets give you a chance to place real money bets without risking your cash. You could spend a $10 free bet and win $20. 

That said, don’t let free bets fool you into believing a bookie is great. Take time to ensure a free bet gives you value before you claim it. Let’s use an example. A bookie has a 100% welcome bonus worth up to $100.

It’s a 100% bonus, so it gives you some value. Still, you should only claim it after learning about wager requirements, withdrawal limits, and betting conditions. If a bonus has exploitive terms, it’s not worth it.

  • Unique Features and Customer Support

The best betting websites have plenty of features that make them stand out from their competitors. For example, they have apps you can use to check live scores and stream live sports.

On the other hand, they provide excellent customer assistance. This is an essential feature because it shows you why you should not join a betting website. Modern sportsbooks provide customer service through emails, chatbots, and phone contacts.

When doing your research, ensure bookmaker replies to messages quickly. And that it replies with helpful information. In many cases, bookies with available customer help departments tend to provide remarkable services all-around. 


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