How to Do My Geometry Homework Using Special Apps

Geometry Homework

Not every student can boast of good knowledge of algebra and geometry. But at the same time, they don’t want to become C grade students in the subject. No matter how hard you try to understand these formulas and theorems, nothing comes of it. In these cases, there is a way out. How to do my geometry homework successfully? You can get good grades if you know how to solve geometry problems using special apps. We will not only talk about them but also explain how to use them correctly.

Photomath solves problems using a photo

An application called Photomath is widely used among students in schools and institutes. You can install it on a smartphone running Android and iOS and always use it when needed. All functionality is completely free, and thanks to the simple and intuitive interface, while working with the program, there will be no difficulties. With the help of Photomath, you can solve a huge number of problems and equations, enter them manually, edit them, and also find out the answers using photos. What is needed to solve the problems?

  1. First of all, install the application on your phone and launch it.
  2. Select the interface language. By default, English will be offered, but if you need a different one, click on the “Other” button.
  3. Read the instructions that the program will offer, or click the “Skip” button if you think that you will figure out all the possibilities on your own.
  4. Set your age. The application is not limited by age category.
  5. Now mark who you are. There is a choice – parent, student, or teacher.
  6. After the application requests access to your device’s camera, click “Allow.” This action is necessary in order to solve the equations using the photo.
  7. After that, find the task you need to get an answer to, point the camera at it right in the application, and click on the red circle button below to take a picture.

In a few seconds, the program will provide you with a ready-made result, and you can write it down as the answer.

Geometry is a great formula solver

Geometry, or the second name, Pocket Edition, is another mobile app that will definitely help you. This is not just a reference book or a solution book; this is a whole educational application that can help with solving the geometry problems of the entire school course.

The main feature of the program is your smartphone screen, like a notebook sheet on which you have to draw the task at hand. Pocket Edition has a simple interface. At the bottom of the panel, you will see several buttons:

  • Drawing tools;
  • Selection tools;
  • Communication tools;
  • Launch a solution or create a new problem.

Already after you select the section you need, a few more additional functions are highlighted. It is with their help that the user must visually depict the geometry task assigned to them. Pupils and students know that in geometry, it is not just the result that matters. Each theorem needs to be proved and explained. The developers took all these points into account and created the perfect application. It gives answers in a logical sequence and shows the findings.

Each step is accompanied by illustrations, arguments, and justifications. Also, the app will tell you how to approach a contradiction if a certain theorem cannot be proved. Geometry is available in the App Store and Play Store. You can download it for free. Also, in the free access, you can only try to solve one problem. In general, this is enough to familiarize yourself with the functionality. If you plan to use this program all the time, you will have to pay money. Pocket Edition will become a real helper when you need to deal with geometry homework.

Mathway is an application for solving problems using photos

Mathway is another smart smartphone app. If you prefer to use a desktop computer or laptop, then you can use the web version of the site, albeit for a nominal fee. On the phone, you can download the application for free from the App Store and Play Market. The developers are experienced programmers, and the application itself is capable of solving problems of varying complexity, both from a photograph and if you enter the equations manually.

Use these services if you need help with your homework. But do not get carried away because knowledge is power, and you can learn all your life!


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