How to Install Parquet Flooring on Stairs

stair skirting
stair skirting

Installing parquet flooring on stairs can be a difficult task. Believe me, this is reason enough to call in the experts at by many people’s reckoning. However, there are DIYers who can’t help but always try things out for themselves. And if you happen to be one of them, please read on. The first step is to make sure that the stair area cleared of any furniture. If you have no plan for the furniture, it is very easy to find parquet flooring Dubai when you come back from your visit to the hardware store.

You can move onto installing parquet flooring

It is essential to leave the stairs, treads clear of anything that might come loose and slip or fall. A clogged or leaking toilet is an example of an item that should be removed, cleaned, and sealed up before you even begin the installation process. Once you have taken care of this type of problem, you can move onto installing Parquet flooring.

Where you are going to install the steps

One thing to consider is where you are going to install the steps. Some stairs will have to sit at an angle. These stairs will need some degree of skill. An experienced installer will know how to bend and straighten a staircase that is too angled.

Correct measurements beforehand

When installing parquet, one thing to keep in mind is how the parquet tiles should install. The first step is to measure the stairs area so that the length and width are correct. It is always best to know the correct measurements beforehand.

Between each corner of the next tile

Next, measure the area to be cut for each step. That is a very important step because the length of each step must be equal to the distance between the next one. Once you have this measurement, you can calculate the distance between each corner of the next tile.

The other layer can cut correctly

After each step has made, it is important to line them up as close to each other as possible. However, when it comes to the corners, you should use two layers of parquet flooring. The reason for this is that if one layer is uneven, the other layer can cut correctly.

You can cut each tile

Another issue that is common to installing parquet on stairs is deciding how to install parquet. For parquet floors on stairs, you should be able to hold each tile with the bottom edge of the tile touching the edge of the steps. You can cut each tile the length of the step with just the tip of the tile.

It is best to trim the tile at each corner

However, it is best to trim the tile at each corner. That is so that the rough edges will match up properly. With parquet, it is important to remember that the rough edges of the tiles will eventually rub against each other, so it is good to have them trimmed as well.

It is best to use two blocks

When it comes to installing parquet, it is best to use a woodblock to make the cut that goes into the tile. It also recommended that you use the same side of the block that you will be using for your countertop. For some Stairscase Skirting Dubai, it is best to use two blocks.

Make sure that the length of each step is correct

Keep in mind that each step will take several hours of installation time. The measurement is important to get the steps exactly the right length. It’s a great idea to use a tape measure to make sure that the length of each step is correct.

Lastly, it is a good idea to sure that all the steps are level before you install parquet on the stairs. If they are not level, the tile will not lay flat, and your effort to lay the parquet will waste. It is best to mark the area on the stair treads that you will be laying the parquet at with chalk or marker. 


Now that you know how to mount parquet on stairs, the next steps are to get the steps installed and then use a measuring tape to make sure that each step is the same length. After the parquet installed, you can move onto installing the decorative tiles. Or you can enjoy looking at the beautiful new floor.



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