How To Live Your Life Full If Living in an Assisted Living Facility


This post discusses the main differences between living in an assisted living facility and the tasks that are easier to complete there which are listed by . There are also tips for coping with illness or other issues that may be causing you to need assistance. And finally, this article tries to answer some questions about what it is like from a caretaker’s point of view.

I will be writing about the differences between living in an assisted living facility and the tasks that are easier to complete there. 

Living in an Assisted Living Facility versus Home Living

If you are living in one of these facilities, then your daily tasks will involve things like preparing meals or doing housekeeping. These are easy tasks that you can do on your own or with some assistance. Some of these tasks may be easier if you are living alone; however, you also need to consider the fact that not every new person is going to be an adequate caretaker.

Consequently, your days may include doing things like getting dressed or taking medication. That means these can be major difficulties if they are new for you or if they are part of your daily routine. Also, the new person may make some changes that result in added work for you; however, this is something that has happened before even when you have been living alone.

New decisions

The main change is that there are more people to consider when doing something. That means you need to consider whether you are capable of the task and whether the other person is capable of helping you with it. Consider things like your memory and your stamina prior to making new decisions.

Main differences between living in an assisted living facility and home living:

  • There will likely be chores that can be completed on your own or with minimal assistance. 
  • Even if you live alone, there may be new people who you did not choose to live with for support for activities such as getting dressed or taking your medication. 
  • There are likely to be more people for whom you need to provide assistance. 
  • If you are living alone, it is unlikely that anyone will be there during the day. However, if you are living with others, you will need to make sure that everyone is ready to do things like get dressed or take care of daily personal needs.
  • If someone else should be doing something for your safety, then they may have to take over even if they don’t know how. For example, taking care of your medication or cooking your meals can be challenging if that should happen. 
  • If you need assistance with any chores, then there will be other people whom you need to consider. 
  • It is likely that your living situation will become more active than it has been in the past.
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Daily Tips for Living in an Assisted Living Facility or Home Living

When you live in an assisted living facility, there are many things for which you should be grateful. That includes access to someone to help you get things done that you cannot do on your own or even if they are familiar tasks that may take extra help. There may also be other support systems available to get tasks completed; however, this can vary greatly from one facility to another.

Tips for Living in an Assisted Living Facility

  • If you are living in one of these facilities, then your caregivers are there to help you. Try to maintain a positive relationship with everyone who is involved with your care. 
  • Try to maintain the same daily habits that you had before moving into this type of facility. 
  • If there are regular tasks that must be completed by someone else, then make sure they know what is expected of them. That way they can do their best to make sure they are completed. 
  • Go over your daily schedule with your caregiver so they know when you need help getting ready or doing something on your own. 
  • If you need a special diet, then your caregivers should know about any special instructions. 
  • If there are other people living with you, then go over the task list with them so they know what is expected of them. 
  • If someone is doing something for you, don’t take it personally if things don’t go as well as you would like. This is a learning process for everyone involved and someone who cares about you will do their best to try to please you. 
  • Try not to be condescending or critical.
  • Don’t talk down to your caregiver or anyone else who is trying their best to help keep your life as pleasant as possible.

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