How to study for the Class 5th English Olympiad?

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English is one of the languages that is thriving to become a language spoken by several individuals belonging to different nationalities. There is always one uncertainty that hovers upon the minds of many parents and that is how to prepare the child for this particular exam? The best way to start is by understanding and educating the child about the Olympiad and its importance. When the child will understand the need for this exam, the performance will be relatively better. IMO Class 5 2014 Question Paper

What is an Olympiad? 

Olympiad is an event that offers a platform to the students for showing their academic skills. Students participating in this exam compete with companions of the same academic level. Students are tested on different levels such as regional, state, national and international. The Olympiad exam is nothing but a competitive exam that helps in identifying the children who are brilliant in academics and have great wit. The environment of the Olympiad is like any other competitive exam that serves a greater purpose like college admission, easily understanding the concepts, or getting a job. Children giving Olympiad exams tend to be more confident compared to other fellows because they already have the experience of managing stress and dealing with it from a very young age. 

What is an English Olympiad?

English Olympiads are held to encourage the upliftment of the English language at a global level. English Olympiads are held for developing interest in the language and it also serves the purpose of establishing a sense of individuality and unity. By being diversified with the language, the child will understand what it likely means to live in harmony. Students from all around the world compete in the English Olympiad and thus generate a feeling of doing better in children. 

How to prepare for the English Olympiad? 

The command in Language is very important in the English Olympiad as the basic level of English that is used in most of the school’s curriculum will not be asked. The language will be way more refined than what is taught at school. It is important to have a different approach while studying for the English Olympiad as cramming up answers will not help. Below are the tips on how one can prepare for English Olympiad:

  • Understand the syllabus 

Understanding the syllabus is very important and should be the first step taken towards the preparation. Students must go through the syllabus provided to them and mark out the topics they will need to focus on in a precise manner. Students will have to collect comprehensive reading materials that will help them in improving their command of the language. Refereeing to sample papers that are available online and offline will help students in understanding their preparation level very accurately. 

  • Collect the study material 

There are a variety of study materials available in the market and that is why it is important to have the right study material with the help of which students will be able to understand the depth of the syllabus in an easier manner. Start reading the material from an early stage because looking at them just before the exam will not be helpful. 

  • Prepare a timetable 

It is very important to follow a timetable. Even students with the greatest wits will have to follow a rigorous timetable that will help in improving the concepts one lacks in. Going through the concepts before solving practice papers will help students in getting confident about their skills. The timetable should be versatile so that parents will not have to force their children to study.

  • Start the preparation early 

It is rather a myth that one can do very well in a language-related Olympiad by studying for just a week or two. Preparation for the exam should begin as early as possible for yielding the best results. 

  • Refer to Online material 

To start the preparation students can go for online programs that are very beneficial and convenient at the same time. Online learning platforms will be of really great help while preparing and practicing for the English Olympiad. Students will be provided with the best-customized study material that will help them in easily understanding the concepts. Understanding the essence of language is very important because one can not do much practice on paper for this subject. 

  • Take Mock tests and solve sample papers 

Once done with the preparations, students must solve sample papers to understand the types of questions that will be asked in the exam. Solving mock papers will also help students in getting their grip on the questions being asked. Solving previous year’s question papers before the main exam is the best way to revise the concepts one has learned over the past months. 

Tips for students preparing for English Olympiad 

  • Reading regularly should be done as it will bring fluency that will help in understanding the language in a superior manner. Students can read anything, be it a magazine, newspaper, or any other textbook for this task. Reading will help in improving one’s vocabulary and grammar which is the main aspect of the exam. 
  • Take notes of the new words and read all of them every day. This will help you in improving your English skills which will be beneficial in regular use as well. 
  • Several institutes help students in improving their grammar and vocabulary, if suitable you can refer to the notes provided by them. 


The English Olympiad will help in improving the grammar and vocabulary of students participating and preparing for it seriously. Speaking and Listening skills will also be improved in the process. Olympiads are held for discovering children with great potential who are good in academics. Taking part in English Olympiad is an exceptional way to prepare for other competitive exams like TOEFL ( Test of English as a Foreign Language ), IELTS ( International English Language Testing System) and, GRE ( Graduate Record Examination ) that one will have to take for doing further studies from a country with English language domination. This exam is to test one’s potential towards the English language and the score obtained should not be taken negatively. 


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