How to use socio-demographic surveys


socio-demographic surveys are a key way for you to find out more about your business using specific factors and characteristics. Instead of just using one type of research method that will not tell you enough about your target market, you can use a social survey to find out who is interacting with your business and where they come from. 

Let’s figure out the pros and cons of socio-demographic surveys and how you can use them in your business! Learn more about how to create socio-demographics surveys for your business.

Socio-demographic surveys – are they beneficial for your business? Find out more here!

Pros of using socio-demographic surveys

  • Unbiased – one of the main benefits of using socio-demographic surveys is that they are unbiased and contain little input from the researcher.
  • Test your theories – the second benefit of using socio-demographic surveys is that you can test your hypotheses and guesses about your current target market.
  • Representation – the third benefit of using socio-demographic surveys is that you can get more information from a bigger pool than you would find with other survey methods.
  • Reliable – reliability and trust are key when it comes to surveys. Using socio-demographic surveys provides you with a reliable method of collecting data to support or deter your hypothesis.
  • Practical – the next benefit of using a socio-demographic survey is that you can gather data from various sources in a quick and efficient manner.

Cons of using socio-demographic surveys

  • Structure of the questions – the first negative of using socio-demographic surveys is that the researcher conducting the questions might not be able to phrase or ask the questions in an unbiased way.
  • Interpretation – there is no way to ensure that the respondent is interpreting the questions in the same way that it is being worded or intended by the researcher.
  • Representation – in some cases, the representation may not be completely accurate – you may find out that you are using a subgroup of people to formulate your answers.

But who can I use for socio-demographic surveys?

If you are still debating about the effectiveness of using socio-demographic surveys in your business, you first need to know how to carry out an effective and unbiased survey. Sociodemographics surveys can be used to find out more about the age, background, ethnicity, income level, socio-economic status, marital status, and education level of your respondents. The main reason behind finding out these pieces of information from your survey is to find out about who your target market is, where they are from, and why they are using your business.

  • The main purpose of using socio-demographic surveys and analysis is to find out the population or subgroup that is filling out your survey, answering your questionnaire, and using your services. Finding out who your marketing and advertising are reaching is vital to finding your target market.


Using sociodemographic sources is a good way to find out who is interacting with your business, the background information, and why they might be interested in your company vs. others. Understanding the sub-groups, age, education level, income level, and other sociodemographic factors is key to really understanding your ideal clientele. 


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