Know the Different Mattress Types For a Relaxed Night Sleep

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While we spend hours looking for the best bed design for our room, we often ignore another very important aspect – bed mattress! It doesn’t matter what kind of furniture design you may have, if you place the wrong mattress on it, then say goodbye to a good night’s sleep. It’s vital to choose the right type of mattress so that you can let your body repair at night and feel rejuvenated in the morning. But with so many options floating in the market and with very little knowledge, many of us struggle to pick a mattress that’s just right. Don’t worry, we will guide you. Let us get you started by imparting you some basic knowledge on the different types of mattresses available in the market.

– Innerspring: If you like your bed to have a nice bounce to it, then an innerspring mattress should be your choice. These mattresses are made of steel coils that are padded with different types of foams and fabrics. People vouch for its durability and it will remain useful for many years to come. 

– Latex Mattress: These mattresses have a combination of springs and 2-4 layers of latex foam. Latex is nothing but rubber, these are bouncier than the innerspring and provides excellent support for your body. Mattresses made up of natural latex foam are the most eco-friendly mattress you can get in the market, and a lot of people swear by their comfort because it stays cool even when you sleep on it for long hours. 

– Memory foam Mattress: These mattresses have a layer of memory foam, support foam that covers the springs. As the name indicates these mattresses memorize your body shape based on the heat it emits and molds themselves to it. If you press down a memory foam mattress you can see the palm print on it, and it slowly bounces back to its original shape. These are denser and heavier than any other mattresses and more expensive than your regular mattresses.  

-Hybrid Mattress: It’s a combination of latex and memory foam layer on top of the innerspring mattress. It has been innovated to provide a blend of support and comfort. 

-Air mattresses: These are also commonly called air beds or blow-up beds, which use air to be inflated to achieve the right amount of firmness. You can pump in the air in the valve manually or use an electric pump. Sleeping on these mattresses once in a while is ok, but these are not meant for the long run. Rather, these make a good choice when you want extra bedding when unexpected guests arrive. 

-Orthopedic Mattress: If you are someone who suffers from chronic back or neck pain, then doctors would prescribe you to use an orthopedic mattress to sleep. These mattresses are well known to remove the pressure from your body and provide a superior support system to relax your body and relieve the pain. 

Now that you are familiar with the different types of mattresses available, make sure that you know your bed measurements and purchase a mattress that sits perfectly on it. 


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