List of All Time Famous Epic Paladin Names

andrey metelev DEuansgqjns unsplash
andrey metelev DEuansgqjns unsplash

I am a seeker and keeper of legendary and powerful Paladin names. 

I only list the very best; there is no way I can make a complete list of all time famous epic Nevertheless, if you want to start naming your stalwart defender from the first moment they are born then here are some rather romantic suggestions to call them. 

It’s just my opinion but these names have a ring of power and nobility about them so may be worth considering!

Latin for ‘guardsman’ or ‘watchman’. It’s a very old name that has fallen out of use but it’s not forgotten. 

Older players may remember Argone as an epic cleric in the early days of EQ. 

There have been plenty of other Argones who have broken through such as Master Argone the Artisan, Master Artificer who sold epic weapons and armor in Antonica. 

No I don’t think all priests are called Arc!

Aurora (Elven)

from the Glades of Avanni. Avani was a high elf ranger, who only appeared during a time of great peril. 

He was sent to fight a terrible threat that nearly destroyed the elven race, and eventually died in combat. 

His legend grew over the years. Avandi appears to be an arcane caster but his backstory is more elven than it is human.

‘The Manly Man’. This is another all time famous epic melee fighter name from EQ, who first appeared in Tyrannia. 

Barbarossa was the father of Ramtut III and founder of the Black Dragonflight race of drakes.

‘the Grim one’ in Greek. Cerebus was an old guard dog who worked for the Black Qeynos Guard. 

He was a very low level mob, who only appeared if players broke the law in the city. 

He died a long time ago now but I remember him well! 

Cerebus was also the name of an old war horse who belonged to King Arthur (he was the knight of dogs, not cats…)

Gleamwing (High Elf) 

 ‘shining wings’. This is another all time famous epic fighter name from EQ.

Spanish for ‘Stalwart Bear’, essentially a barbarian name. This is a name that has been used commonly in Glade culture. 

A Baileras would make an excellent barbarian because they are powerfully built and the ability to wear plate armor is highly desirable in those lands!…

Latin for ‘mighty’ or ‘strong’. As opposed to Cora for a female character. Commonly used by mentalists of the past.

 an old Drow name that is starting to break through. I think it’s from the Forgotten Realms campaign setting.

from Cordell, a region in Aysen on the far west coast of Norrath. 

A Corliss would make a deadly ranger due to their ability to wear leather and chain armor starting at level 20! 

They’d also be handy with a bow due to their quickness and dexterity…

Daedalus (Human) 

 Greek for ‘mighty’ or ‘strong’. We’ve already had a ‘d’ name with Cor, so this one would fit nicely with that. 

The Daedalus I am referring to was a character from the Dark Omen expansion. 

He was a quick link and had an interesting loot system based on killing non-human targets. 

He could kill undead and skeletons to get their gear but he wouldn’t be able to use it himself!…

Latin for ‘burning’ or ‘blazing’. This name has been used by famous rich players in the past and is starting to be used by more people. 

It seems quite underused for a good idea.

Epic Paladin Names don’t get much better than this! I am sure that everyone knows what a Paladin is the only limit you want to set yourself with this character name is their level and gender. 

It could be a man or a woman and it could be any class.from the Glades of Fae’Riel. 

Like Avandi this name is elven, not human but it would make an excellent Ranger due to the stealthy nature of elves. 

They have excellent bow skills which would help too.

Fox McCloud (Barbaric) 

 ‘Quick Fox’ as in Star Fox. This is a name that we have used to great effect in game before and should bring its own fan base of players! Fruend (Barbaric) – ‘friend’.

 Fruend is an old orc name from EQ that hasn’t been used much recently. I think it’s time we brought it back! epic paladin names

 meaning ‘brave’ or ‘bold’. This is another name that has fallen out of use but deserves more attention.

 a name that comes from harp music, although I am sure there must be a good story behind it too. 

It’s not very used at the moment but it should be! 

This would make a great choice for any mentalist character, because it just sounds so epic.


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