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This article includes some little-known ways to make your business stand out to potential customers. Not only will it allow you to better communicate with them, but it will also be helpful when promoting your brand on twitter funny accounts. In other words, these strategies might help you reach new clients and make more money!

Here are some of the best tactics we’ve uncovered:

– Business cards for every member of your team.

– Testimonials from previous customers. 

– Free trials for services or products that can be used during a 30 day period. 

– A personal website with a professional photo and website address on it.

1. Business Cards for Every Member of Your Team

One of the simplest yet most effective business tips is to have a business card for every member of your team. It is important to communicate your company’s “brand,” and it’s easy to do with this method. For example, if one person in your company has a unique voice then you can make that clear by giving them a unique card. One way to do this is by having each member of the team write a paragraph or two about themselves on the back of their cards, and also including a personal picture as well.

Certain personality types love adding an extra touch like that to their business cards which will help them stand out from the crowd. When you send out this type of business card, it will be clear to your people that their voice is a unique one. People can also get other members to write on the back of their cards as well and you can use these as endorsements.

2. Testimonials from Previous Customers

Another effective marketing tool is testimonials or endorsements written by previous customers. These are known as “endorsements” and they cost far less than other forms of marketing but they do an incredible job in making your brand more recognizable.

There are two ways to obtain testimonials from customers, which both work well for your business:

– Posting job openings for customer service agents with the section for testimonials.

– Using social media to ask your existing customers to share their experiences.

If you are doing this latter option, you can post on Twitter and Facebook asking your customers to send in pictures or videos of themselves using your products or services. This is a very easy way to obtain more customer reviews and is really easy to implement.

3. Free Trials for Services or Products that Can be Used During a 30 Day Period

Free trials offer exceptional value in terms of building brand awareness, and they can also serve as marketing tools. They work well in many situations because they tend to encourage return business by offering customers quality service without spending a lot of money at the same time.

They are especially useful when trying out new products or services. For example, you can give a free trial to buyers of a new website template or service. Be sure there is no fine print in the offer to keep them coming back!

Another way to use free trials as marketing tools is by offering them something that takes time to learn like an online learning course or series of courses. Free trials are also very effective with signing up for something like coaching or mentoring programs, where the customer must pay a fee before he or she can use the product.

4. A Personal Website with a Professional Photo and Website Address on it.

You can tell a lot about a business by their website, and that is especially true when it comes to getting customers. Most people tend to check out your website when they are thinking of purchasing something from you. If they like the website, they may be more likely to purchase what you have to offer than if your site looks cheap or amateurish.

Try adding a testimonial section on your website where previous customers can post their ratings for the quality of your products or services. This works well with products like business templates, photo editing software and digital products as well.

You should also write blog posts on your website and make sure you are commenting on other industry blogs on a regular basis. This way, you will be building credibility online and getting your name out there. It goes without saying that you can use a professional photo of yourself as well, but don’t forget to add a video to your site if possible.

5. Special Offers for New Customers

Special offers are an easy way to get new customers, especially if they relate to discounts or free trials that are time-sensitive like free shipping for first time buyers for example. This strategy is especially effective when you have a series of products or services to sell, and you can offer a discount on your next order if they purchase the first one from you.

Another way to make special offers appealing to potential customers is by offering them with something else. For example, offer free shipping if they purchase three or more items from your website at once. Not only will this attract new customers, but it will also bring in repeat business from previous customers as well.


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