Looking Ahead: The Future of Marcus T. Paulk in 2023


It’s a time of rapid change and risk. Your job is not safe, your health can be affected by your food choices, and the future of the planet is in doubt. The world has become too complicated to keep up with, so it makes sense to simplify.

For many people like us who always strive for new ways to learn about life and improve our skills, I’ve assembled a list of resources where you can go for a helping hand on all levels–from building confidence to honing creative skills of marcus t paulk movies and tv shows–all from one convenient place.

1. The Marcus T. Paulk Foundation

The Foundation’s objective is to help people develop the skills needed to live well. To accomplish this goal, it offers a wide variety of resources designed to enhance the lives of all of us who seek to improve ourselves and our world. The tools available from the Foundation include:

– The Marcus T. Paulk Educational Resource Guide

– The Private Practice Directory (for finding health coaches, rehabilitative therapists, fitness trainers, etc. who specialize in a variety of skill-building areas)

– The Guides to Building Self Esteem

– Collected Writing & Online Learning (on self development, creativity, health and more)

– Speaking and Presentation Training

The Foundation also offers the Bookseller, a place where you can buy books and access the Marcus T. Paulk Library on the subject of personal and professional development. 

2. Marcus T. Paulk Blogs 

This is an exciting new addition to the Foundation’s Family of Organizations’ website for all our supporters and fans who have asked for more information about me online.

The Marcus T. Paulk Blogs is a collection of the various forms of writing that I have done over the years, from my “Strawberry Girl” poems to my essays and essays accusing unnamed people or organizations for things they have not done or are not responsible for.

3. The Marcus T. Paulk Television Series<

Each week, the “Marcus T. Paulk Show” airs on Monday nights at 9:00 p.m. ET on Comedy Central, the nation’s #1 comedy network. The show features “spontaneous conversation” between me and my guests of varying viewpoints, a new song and music video from my artist friends, and a spattering of skits from my very talented team of writers and performers.

In addition to the regular episodes, I also do six episodes each year that are branded as “The College Edition. These episodes generally air two weeks before the actual college application deadlines and provide me with a forum for helping parents, teachers, friends and other adults to help ease the pressure of choosing a college. I also give current college students an opportunity to tell the viewers about their school from those who attend.

4. The Marcus T. Paulk App

The Marcus T. Paulk App,” is a resource made available to help you build your confidence in areas such as social situations, your physical appearance and more–including self-acceptance of eccentricities or body parts that are different from what is considered “standard.”

5. The Marcus T. Paulk Foundation Pen Pal Program

If you’re a young person who is looking to make new friends or just wants to learn about interesting people from different walks of life, sign up for the Pen Pal Program. This is a great opportunity for young people who want to be part of something that will help to build confidence and inner strength.

6. Marcus T. Paulk’s Social Networking Site for the Mature (M2SM)

The M2SM site is all about adults building social relationships and maintaining friendships with other adults. The site’s blog offers information about and reviews of social networking sites for adults who are over 50 and up, as well as how to stay socially connected through on-line interaction with people in all walks of life.

7. Marcus T. Paulk’s One Minute Investor

“Marcus T. Paulk’s One Minute Investor” is an online guide to the world of finance that offers quick tips for those wanting to start, restart or grow an investment portfolio. I offer advice on topics such as where to look for money, how to take your money and put it into a safe place and what questions you need to ask before you invest in anything.

8.”My Journey”—The Marcus T. Paulk Story

In 1998, when I was just a kid, a series of events in my life changed the way I look at things. When the series of events occurred, I was still trying to figure out who and what I was and what my purpose in life could be. But along with those realizations came lessons about myself and about life, about how to live well and how to help others with their problems.

Over the years since then, I have learned a lot more–so much so that by now these lessons have become second nature: Like most people today, my life has become an intricate web of different interests and knowledge that combine aspects of art and science, both practical and theoretical.


In a nutshell, these are the things you can do to build your confidence and have an enjoyable life in today’s world.

Hope that this has been helpful and worthwhile.


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