Most Secure Payment Methods for Selling Online

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The Internet has turned the world into a global village and now businesses are using it more actively for transactional purposes. Online methods are fruitful ways of sending money instantly from one location to another. This situation has a dark side as well and that is there is always a risk of security breaches. However, by using various security techniques, businesses can ensure the maximum safety of their data so the chance of cybersecurity attacks can be minimized. 

Sometimes it may happen that the hackers use your account for fraudulent transactions and take your money without your permission. These kinds of unauthorized payment risks can be avoided by adopting strong security measures and secure modes of online payments. 

Today in this article, we will discuss the most secure online means of payment so that there is only a small element of risk associated while doing online transactions or buying from the eCommerce platform. 

Without further ado, let’s get started and have a look at the most secure online payment methods. 

Credit cards

Although, the risks are also associated with the use of credit cards. Still, they are the best choice when it comes to online transactions, especially when you want to shop online at E-Commerce stores. Using a credit card is the easiest and simplest method of making online payments.

The best part about the use of credit cards is that they have various protection features that ensure the maximum safety of your data. 

Moreover, almost all the websites have a similar feature of accepting credit card payments so you will no longer need to worry about difficult options and information provision. 

Why is a credit card the best for online payments? 

Here is what makes the credit card the best choice for online transactions. 

Whenever you purchase a product online through a credit card, the money does not immediately get deducted from your account but the card issuer pays for the purchased goods or services first. 

So in case you face any kind of data breach, you can consult with your card issuer and discuss problems with payment processing. The best part about credit cards is that most businesses are accepting card payments online. 


With more than 254 million users, Paypal is one of the biggest payment methods. If you have a PayPal account, you can easily purchase products from websites online. Almost all the famous websites of the world, especially eCommerce stores allow the Paypal payment method. Some of the examples are Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. if you have an online store and you’re allowed the paper payment method then there are 2% chances that customers will purchase from you. Although there are transaction fees associated with the use of PayPal, people still consider it the most convenient payment gateway. 

Bank Account 

If you have a bank account and you can also use it as a source of online payment over the internet. Most of the websites accept payments made directly through bank accounts. The best part about a bank account is that you can easily transfer your money from one country to another country with currency conversion features. It is the most affordable option and is perfectly helpful for online businesses. There is a negligible fee associated with the use of a bank account, especially when you do not have a MasterCard and you only rely on a Visa card. Monthly fees can be considerably large when you regularly use your MasterCard for international transactions. 

it is worth mentioning that you must keep the international flagging of your account on if you want to use your bank for international transfers. 

Google pay 

If you want to know about the payment provider that is competing with Amazon pay and Paypal, then you should consider Google pay

The best part about Google pay is that it does not charge monthly fees and provides a very high level of security. Using Google Pay, you can remain confident that all of your data is encrypted and is at the least risk of exposure. 

Google Pay also lets retailers set up loyalty programs, digital gift cards, and deals for customers so everyone can skip the paper and plastic cards. And Google Pay works with PayPal and Visa Checkout for added reach.

As it is a 100% free source of sending money, it is getting immense popularity day by day. If you want to start selling online and get traffic, it is better to allow the customers to buy through Google pay. This Google checkout is the most convenient option for new customers. 

Moreover, you should also consider accepting payments in various currencies, so that customers have to face minimum resistance while purchasing online. 

Apple Pay 

All of us are aware of the high-security features that Apple offers for its customers. Its reliability can be determined from the fact that more than 60% of the people in the US use Apple Pay for online transactions and consider it as the most secure method of doing business online. with its one-click payment options, you can proceed with recurring payments instantly without wasting your time. 

node as many businesses is focusing on Apple pay for accepting payments online. The best part about Apple is that it allows the users to checkout with only one touch because it has a highly advanced touch system. 

The tokenization techniques used by Apple Pay plays a vital role in securing the credit card. For this purpose, Apple issues a small token and sends it to the respective Bank before initiating the payment through the credit card. The bank verifies the token and then releases money. In this way, the financial data can be secured from hackers and the chances of cybersecurity attacks can be minimized. 

2 Checkout

Another secure payment gateway with which you can create a merchant account and allow people to make payments is 2Checkout. If you have a merchant account and you want to integrate it with 2Check out, it means that you already have access to the Global Payment processing solution. 

What is the most prominent feature of 2 Checkout?

The most prominent feature of 2checkout is that you can integrate it into your website according to the design of a website. So that it immediately fits well with the responsive website design. 


Online payment, online selling, and all these things become super easy when it comes to using Stripe as a payment method. It is a payment method with which you can accept payment from multiple sources such as Google checkout customer pay, digital wallets, and credit cards. You can also use it for Shopify payments, conversion, in-person checkouts, electronic payments, and other payment types. so if you have not set up your account stripe yet no you should immediately opt for this option. There is a small setup fee associated with the use of stripe. 

Stripe costs 30 cents plus 2.9% for domestic credit card processing, and .8% for ACH payments. 


When it comes to in-person point of sale payment processing square occupies the first place. The online API system of Square enables you to accept payments from Google Play PayPal, and also has the possibility of accepting debit card payments. it is a highly trusted and reliable platform that you can use as an easy check-out solution. 

How Square is benefitting the businesses?

It allows a customer to set up customer profiles at the time of payment so that they can get access to all kinds of merchant services and subscription services. In this way, you can observe a boost in your monthly sales. If you have an established business you can get major credit from this option. Almost all the businesses who have used this option observed a considerable boost in international sales. it provides the customers with the best Shopping Cart solution and allows them to immediately proceed with card transactions and ach transfers. 

Alternative Payment Services

These third-party payment services also occupy a major portion of online transactions. There are many online payment services that are included in this category which include PayPal Google wallet skrill Payoneer and others. The best part about these payment services is that they do not ask the users to share their private information or location. All you need to do is to discuss and share your address with other companies. For example, PayPal will only ask you for the email address with which the PayPal account is created in order to make transactions. 

What is the best part about Alternative Payment Services?

The best part about these alternative payment services is that they are fast and secure and payment can be received instantly. So whether you want to receive payments online or looking for payment sending options, you can use the services confidently. To provide further security, these alternative payment services have buyer protection features. 

Wire Transfers 

Small businesses are actively using this option of wire transfers for online transactions. It involves the use of a bank account so the merchant provides the account number where the buyers can instantly transfer the amount. To further add the layer of security, the tracking number is shared between both parties after the confirmation of the transaction ID the transaction automatically gets completed. 

Unified Payment Interface (UPI)

UPI is a digital payment system that you can use to send money from one bank account to the other. The best part about it is that it allows any number of transactions to different bank accounts with minimum transaction fees and all users do is use the UPI application to transact. 

What makes UPI secure for online payment 

The major reason behind the safety and security of this payment provider is that there is no need for sharing your debit or credit card details with your bank or anyone else. What’s more, money cannot be transferred from your account to another account without authenticity. So everything is under strict check and you will definitely have to pay some transaction fee that is basically the processing fee. 

Wrapping Up

Well, now you have read about merchant accounts, global payment procedures, and various payment providers, you should learn to process card payments online practically for instincts gamblers can use online pokies Paysafe. If you can process transactions and charge less per transaction fee, you can excel in online business. Initially, you should also keep the set-up fee minimum, especially when you have launched your own website. Customers pay easily when they find that the payment process is easy and accepting debit cards. By providing debit cards as a payment option, you can compete with on-demand marketplaces. The people who already have merchant accounts consider multiple payment options and see what other merchant account providers are advising in this matter. 

Hopefully, this article has increased your knowledge about online payments and secure methods of selling online. 


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