Multiple Design Options


Diipoo Body pillows provide fancy and comfy body pillows, though they can use up a great deal of space in bed, which may be annoying for a partner of yours. Should you need a person to sleep comfortably, think about probably the smallest size possible to attain optimum comfort? 

When you are not currently sleeping on a queen or maybe a king-size bed, stepping up to among these bigger mattress sizes might give you much more space to savor your pillow without it falling from the foundation. 

Customized Designed Body Pillow

Display the preferred picture with this gorgeous body pillow to amaze people! Our smooth feels Body Pillow Case gives a comfy accent to the great room and brings additional comfort and design to space. 

Keep your pillow clean and fresh with this particular body pillowcase. It makes a lovely statement piece or maybe a gift for your apartment or home. Personalize with the favorite picture of your choice. Personalize with your favorite picture of choice.

This Diipoo body pillow could be fully printed with your most innovative printing technology with your photos and designs. The case is made from a hundred percent polyester, which significantly helps sharpen the picture and enhance the smooth feel.

Layout and Design Options

Diipoo Custom Body Pillow provides the printed body pillows that are cut and sewn right here with smooth fleeces: microfiber fleece on the black and top or even gray polar fleece over the bottom.

An opening on the edge of the customized body pillowcase provides for the insertion and removal of a pillow. This custom body pillow case procedures at fifty-four by twenty in and displays the design of yours on its topside.

We offer you the choice of customizing your pillow vertically or horizontally (as shown in the picture). Based on your layout colors & the personal choice of yours, you likewise have the possibility of selecting gray or even black polar fleece for print on the other side.

Sizes and Comfort

Offered in 2 sizes and printed on each side together with your special photographs, they can immediately revive an old couch or even bring bedding to life. Made using luxurious Soft Velvet fabric, they are a fantasy to cuddle against, so the print reproduction is very clear.

 Ideal for curling up with a manual and seeing a film with loved ones and friends, this supportive, personalized body pillow will keep you and several others comfortable and well-rested. 


When selecting the perfect Diipoo body pillow, think of the height, just how warm you rest. Take into consideration exactly why you are purchasing the body pillow, also. If you are searching for a body pillow to enhance your night’s rest, and you need an extra-long cushion for your bed, the look of your pillow will matter most.

On the other hand, certain details about durability, breathability, and material are essential when pinpointing a good pillow to complement your sleep needs yours. At, you will be certain to get the correct body pillow for you.


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