Names for your game characters to match your personality

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ged lawson is77CQZ1Nbc unsplash

What’s in a name?

A great deal, if by “name” you mean how you sign on to websites. 

Your email address is your identity, your way of being recognized on the internet—it may even become an integral part of how people know you. 

When selecting an email address or screen name for yourself or for your child, it’s important to choose wisely.

 The same considerations that go into choosing a name for a person also apply when naming characters in games with human-like attributes.

 A believable name can help players relate to your characters, whether they are fictional or real.

Here are some points to keep in mind when choosing or creating screen kasatha names :

Pick something you will actually use. 

Many gamers use game-related names they were not born with. Perhaps their name doesn’t fit the game world’s setting, or perhaps it is too long. 

Whatever the reason, you should choose screen names that you can live with—or that most people will at least remember!

 There are many new games coming on line every day, and if your character’s name makes it hard to figure out who they are in context, you could wind up being ignored altogether! Avoid confusion with existing player names . 

Suggestion of name for game characters to match your personality :

1. Choose names carefully. 

For your game characters, avoid using anything too obscure or too common. Common first names are Aisha, Ashley, Michael, Emily and so on. 

Common surnames are Aylton, Smith and Williams. Other common last names include Johnson, Johnson and Smith.

 Avoid using any full stop (period) in the name; some people may already have an email address with a full stop at the end of it..

2. Try to pick one that you will actually use! 

Screen names should be something that you would use yourself or that you can easily come up with for a character in your game world.

3. Avoid chosen names that insinuate things about your personality . 

Avoid names that would suggest any particular personality trait. 

Your screen name does not have to reflect your whole personality, but it should be something you will feel comfortable with and will find easy to remember.

For example, if you put the name “LevinE Misery” in a computer search engine, it would come up as a “last name” for this person. 

Although the name has nothing to do with this person’s actual personality or character, it sounds like an interesting persona and might make players more inclined to interact with this player! Stick to screen names that are easy for other people to remember.

4. Avoid using all caps. 

It’s very hard for players to read a screen name that is all in capital letters, and most chat programs automatically revert to lower-case letters or hyphens if you type a word or name all in capital letters.

 Instead, use upper and lowercase letters together, which is akin to writing a letter on paper. Your screen name should be easy to read!

5. Don’t limit yourself to the same number of characters as your actual last name. 

As previously mentioned, there are some common first names and surnames out there that could lead people into thinking that you don’t have a normal last name.

6. Do not use emojis, too many symbols or special characters. 

They can be difficult for some players to read and as such, they may become more of a burden than a help. If you choose to use emojis or other special characters in your character name, ensure that you do not overuse them and that they still can be read!

7. Avoid using very common names and surnames . 

There are hundreds of first and last names that are very common and that people could easily remember. 

For example: Justin, Jessica, Justinian or Justino will be common names for a female character in your story world. Another example is Maryanne or Michaela.

8. Do not use words or phrases in your name. 

Avoid using any message in your name, such as “junkyard”, “cowboy”, “warrior” and so on. 

These names would be hard for players to read and would give people the impression that you are a certain kind of character and that the character has a specific personality trait!

9. Avoid using colors in your name . 

Color names such as blue, green and purple are also difficult for players to read and will lead them to believe that you have a specific personality or color!

10. Try to avoid acronyms in your name . 

Avoid using acronyms, such as “T.O” (Timothy O.) in your name. 

Players who have a certain knowledge of your character’s story can have a hard time reading it and could avoid interacting with the character

. For example, if you were a computer geek who loves to play computer games or a spy who loves to travel, then it would be easy for players to guess that you choose the names “T.O” and could also have different interpretations for others around them!


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