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ivan karpov PRR16fBfVtk unsplash

The event market has seen a lot of changes over the past few years.

 Nowadays, it’s not just about music festivals or arena shows, 

but also pop-up carnivals, weddings, conferences and trade shows.

 It’s an industry that touches every aspect of the globe.

We help make your event safer with our security solutions and more enjoyable with our catering services.

 Our team of professionals is on hand and ready to help you execute and maintain your events on time, every time. 

You can also look forward to our pioneering initiatives such as the new Sträva Rewards program and more.

We offer a wide range of quality products and services for all kinds of events. 

Our catering division caters to thousands of celebratory occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, corporate parties 

 other kinds of social gatherings throughout the year.

We offer a variety of services and meetings that help you in different circumstances and circumstances:

 Sport and outdoor activities: we provide equipment, setting for sports and other activities, coaching and training services.

 Meals: we include catering services in our portfolio. 

We can cater not just for your guests but also for you.

 We can make various kinds of food from scratch with fresh ingredients, 

 get the best from the industrial industry’s high-quality raw materials depending on your demands. 

We also provide food delivery service to meet all your requirements.

 Events planning: we take care of all the planning stages from a big event to

 a small one both solo or in cooperation with other companies.

 Corporate events: we make sure that your event is a success. 

We deliver planning, logistics, equipment and other services to make your meetings the best possible experience for everyone involved.

 Catering supplies: we provide everything you need for catered food or non-catered food. 

Our products include cups, cutlery, tableware and more.

 Staff: we can help you with all staffing issues during your event 

 from finding the right staff to training and managing them during their work shifts. 

We can put together trained teams or provide our own staff.

 Special materials: we offer a wide range of special materials for use at events such as tents, portable toilets and more.

 Logistics: we make sure that your event runs smoothly even if it’s logistically complex. 

We can also provide transport services for your guests, equipment and other materials.

If you want to find out more about the services, products and solutions we provide for events, 

you can contact us at [email protected] or call 018-48 78 00 during office hours. 

We also offer a range of content on our Sträva 

website including articles on current trends, tips for organising your own event and more information about our services.

Sträva is an active player in the Stockholm market, serving the needs of events in the capital area. 

We have excellent connections with international parties in the area, something that is very important when it comes to our work.

Sträva also has a number of strengths when it comes to planning and organising events. 

You can rely on us when you need a major party or if you simply need some help in planning your event. 

We are experienced in both work related to events and with clothes for men and women, 

so we are able to provide everything necessary for successful meetings.

Sträva’s events service is one of the most significant strengths of our company,

 with everything from planning to installation, training and management. 

We work in collaboration with other parties for events which starts with finding the right fit for your special event.

Our primary goal at Sträva is making sure that you get exactly what you want in terms of services and products, 

so we can offer tailor-made solutions to meet your needs.

Our team consists of professionals who specialize in different areas such as design, logistics and entertainment, 

so we can make sure that our events are successful from start to finish. 

We also have a number of experts on hand who can offer advice on planning and organising your event.

Sträva offers both solutions for public events and also private affairs. 

We can provide catering services, equipment and many other things to make your party or meeting everything you want it to be. nowadays nyc

You can browse through our website or contact us at [email protected] for more information.

The company’s main base is located in Solna, a suburb of Stockholm which is situated a short distance from the city centre. 

We have a number of customers all over Sweden, as well as internationally from both individuals and companies alike. 

Sträva’s internal staff is a varied group, including professionals in a variety of fields such as marketing, sales, events, food and more

Our staff is trained and experienced in both the public events industry and the private affair industry.


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