Overwatch what you say to others

josh frenette lSxkNakKh7M unsplash
josh frenette lSxkNakKh7M unsplash

Kids can be cruel, and we’ve all been there. Lessons learned in middle school can carry over into adulthood. We all know that.

 But what about learning something new? Have your ever tried learning something new to avoid the mistakes of the past? I’m talking about avoiding making hurtful comments or jokes about other people.

This article will discuss what you should say to someone else if he or she is right in front of you and you feel like saying these words: “you’re so ugly”.

 Remember: every comment has a consequence and it will always affect other people – not just yourself! It’s important to be mindful, even when we’re kids.Overwatch be careful who you call ugly in middle school

As a child, you should be warned to be careful who you call ugly in middle school. In the future, you will be playing overwatch and potentially find out that person is on your team.

Here are some things you should say instead:

1) Overconfidence can be a good trait

Ignoring the person altogether and using self-confidence to get through the situation. It’s okay to talk to someone else or walk away from a social situation if it makes you uncomfortable.

Daisy from “The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask” is a perfect example of a character who is confident in herself and doesn’t care about others’ means of criticism. 

She is free to use her power, saying “Oh? I am beautiful? Well then, I’ll just use my power. If you’re afraid, then surely my beauty is… frightening?”

2) It’s normal to feel self-conscious about your appearance or body type

When you are visibly uncomfortable with the situation and don’t know what to do, encouraging someone else can give you some extra insight. Just say something like: “I was trying not to talk to you because I didn’t want to bother you while everyone else was talking about me. I wish I had listened to you”

3) Express what you are saying

Make sure to avoid blaming the person for what happened or saying that they should feel better, or making excuses for why it just ended poorly

. If the situation is over, just tell him that it’s fine and won’t happen again and leave him alone. Sometimes avoiding things directly helps just by not confronting the person and avoiding a potential argument.

 Or: “I’m so sorry for hurting your feelings. I was just trying to fit in and I didn’t know better.”

4) Put yourself in their shoes for a second

You don’t know what they have been through so it’s important to keep an open mind. Maybe they have been told this before and it can come off as meaner. 

And even if he or she is wrong about what they are saying to you, try not to be too rude or too harsh about your opinions. 

It’s a hard thing to hear, but it’s better than being mean about it. If you have been told something similar before, just realize that you’re not alone! 

That makes the situation less lonely and more comforting for other people who might go through the same thing as you do.

5) Make yourself feel better

Have you ever considered saying something to the other person who made the comment instead of focusing on regretting what he or she said?

 If you’re feeling upset, take a walk and listen to your favorite song. Singing helps! Singing makes you feel good about yourself, and other people can sing with you too. 

You should never feel like your voice is not worth listening to. Remember: everyone has different advantages; find yours and explore it!

6) Let go of any negative energy you might be holding on to

If someone calls you ugly or ugly names, don’t let it ruin your day. Step away from the situation or do something else that makes you happy.

 Life goes on, just stay positive to get through this situation.

7) It’s not all about you

We are very quick to attach ourselves to our own feelings. But when someone else calls us ugly, it can be confusing because we feel like there is something wrong with who we are. 

We might think “They think I’m ugly? I’m beautiful! Why do they say that?” If you are able, try not to dwell on the comment or the person who made it. 

Just focus your attention on how other people experience you and appreciate yourself for your strengths and talents.

Things will work out in the end, even if they seem untraditional or unfamiliar at first. 

Just make sure to be mindful of others and how you can help them, as well as help yourself. I hope you found these tips helpful.


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