Should I use newspaper ads or real estate farming postcards? Here is why you should use the latter!


If you are debating what type of marketing material to use for your new business, then you might be considering various types of advertising and outreach methods to get the word out about your business. Should you use a TV commercial to reach those who are retired, sitting at home, or laid off from work? Should you put advertisements in the newspaper for those who enjoy reading the newspaper while they are eating breakfast every morning? Which marketing method will get you to have the biggest impact in the least amount of work possible?

When you are comparing the various marketing methods to use for you as a new professional in the world, you should try another type of physical method that you might not initially think of – real estate farming postcards from Wise Pelican. Instead of newspaper ads – which can be costly, ineffective, and not reach your target market – using real estate farming postcards lets you have the best of all marketing strategies rolled into one – let’s see why. 

The benefits of using real estate farming postcards vs. newspaper ads 

If you enjoy creating an easy and fast way for your clientele base to get to know more about your services, products, and why they chose you over others in the real estate world, then real estate websites templates farming postcards are the way to go. 

Easier and quicker to make

Real estate farming postcards are easier and faster than other advert methods. Since the postcards are small and contain only the basic and most important information, you can avoid having to type multiple paragraphs to put in newspapers, send letters to people’s houses, compose lengthy emails, and produce a TV commercial. Instead, it will take just a little bit of creative work to include the most important information regarding your business on the real estate farming postcard.

Reach more people

Although newspapers are still used in today’s society, they are falling by the wayside. They are much less used than they were in the past – instead of seeing people reading a newspaper at the local diner on Sunday mornings, you might now see people reading their phones, reading books on their Kindle, and talking with others about the latest TV show. Instead of using this obsolete marketing method, try using real estate farming postcards to get the word out about your business. 

Target market

The last reason you should use real estate farming postcards is so you can reach your target market. You can broaden your clientele base with this postcard outreach method, but you can also target those who you want to see your advertisements!


Using real estate farming postcards instead of newspaper ads, magazine ads, or other marketing methods is the best choice to help reach your target audience, broaden your clientele base, and use an easy and fast outreach method. Figure out the most important information that you want to include on your postcards and then send them to your target market to broaden your clientele base and keep customers coming back for more! 


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