Skills That You Can Learn From 1 Crore


The world is becoming more and more competitive. We are living in an era where there are a lot of talented individuals coming up with innovative ideas and products. So it is important that we must strive to be the best that we can be.

People who want to learn new things and want to broaden their horizons must try to learn from the best. They must adopt the techniques that are used by the top performers. This helps them increase their chances of succeeding in life.

One potential skill that you will find in everyone is staying focused for long periods of time on one task or activity. This can help you become disciplined and achieve your goals faster and more effectively than others. More often than not, people have no idea how they can improve this skill, but they do know that they must work on it if they ever want to be successful in life. 

The market is overflowing with technology, so it might be difficult to find a job that can pay off for your skill set. How many 0 in 1 crore?  There are 7 zeros in 1 crore. There are 7 zeros in 1 crore. But, you will have to be really talented if you want to stand ahead of everyone else. Let’s learn some skills that can help you earn 1 crore.

1)  Design – Experiments in Design Work

You might be good at what you do right now, but how are you going to survive with the competition if your products aren’t competitive? You can’t afford not to lift your game and stay up with the times. You can start with a simple change like a new color or shape without changing the name.

2)  Coding – Learn to Code

Coding can be done by using a tool like Code Academy or Try to learn how to program before you start working for money. It will help you get better at your job.

3)  Salesmanship – Become a Sales Person

First, you’ll want to figure out what your first sale will be. Start selling any products that you have. You’ll need to know how to market your product. You can always sell some books or magazines and make some extra money on your way home from work. If you want to master this skill, try reading some books from authors like Chan Kim or Daniel Pink.

4)  Blogging – Start A Blog

You can learn about blogging online for free through some online courses or live workshops. Be sure to choose a niche that you’re interested in and not just something that everyone else is doing.

5)  Programming – Start a Programming Company

If you want to code for a living, then you’ll want to start your own programming company. You can find a team of programmers through the internet and start making your first product.

6)  Entrepreneurship – Open Your Own Business

Once you have enough money saved up, it’s time to open your own business. You don’t need a fresh idea either. If you can take an existing concept and make it better, then you’ve got the foundation of most successful businesses out there. Your first step should be to register the company or N-Gon will help in Indore and take care of all your legal obligations.

7)  Cinematography – Make Some Short Films

You can learn more about cinematography online. Once you have a good idea, you should start filming with your friends. You can try and make some extra money by filming weddings or other special events. You can also try doing some freelance work for a company as well.

8)  Graphics Design – Become a Graphic Designer

If you’re really serious about becoming a graphic designer, then you should do things that are going to get you noticed. Create some original artwork and put it on social media pages or websites like DeviantArt. If you’ve got enough work to showcase, then maybe your first client will find you this way.

9)  Acting – Do Some Web Series

You can learn about how to act by reading some books or going online. You should make sure that you have a good script first. You can always try doing some stage plays or lectures to keep your skills sharp. Try going to some workshops and mastering the art before you start working for money.

10)  Entertainment – Make A Documentary

First, do some research on what kind of documentaries are doing well on the market right now. Then, start working on your own style and ideas in an attempt to win over your audience. You should never take yourself too seriously either.


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