Step Into a New Year Safely by Improving Building Security

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The new year is right around the corner, and it’s time to bid farewell to outdated security solutions. As technology evolves and offers various solutions to secure buildings, it’s important to embrace them to stay safe. This is especially important at the end of the year as the holidays are busy, and many offices may be empty while most employees are celebrating.

The key to added safety in commercial buildings is choosing the right security solutions. If your system was upgraded a while ago, consider looking into new solutions that offer the highest level of security.

Upgrade Surveillance Cameras

The cameras in commercial buildings help business owners and security teams observe what is happening in key areas to monitor office security through video footage. It is a great way to identify unauthorized individuals and prevent theft or other security breaches from occurring. However, an outdated surveillance camera that doesn’t offer clear footage or views of the entire building can limit the system’s effectiveness.

If your surveillance camera is old, look into new ones that offer extra features. This can help you secure your building and monitor it properly to prevent unwanted encounters and identify criminals. Upgrading the camera can also reduce costs in the long run. Using an outdated camera is a security risk, especially if it gets hacked. And if it stops working during criminal activities, you may lose money and be unable to find the culprit, resulting in potentially significant financial losses.   

Change ID Card System

Innovative ID card printing companies offer added features to enhance security in buildings. For example, proximity cards can provide a contactless access experience to enhance building security and limit the number of people entering a building or specific area. A backdated ID card system may help employees enter and exit the building, but it may have few features. A reputable source offering proximity cards for building security can help you understand the different features that enhance security.

Proximity Card Readers typically will use short-range, low-frequency Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID), and there is likely to be a low chance of wear and tear, making it a worthwhile investment. They are easy to integrate into a security system but hard to clone. Unlike proximity cards, regular ID cards may be easily cloned by unauthorized individuals, increasing the risk of theft in your office and putting confidential data and all staff members at risk.

Introduce Door Sensors

The global automatic door sensors market is continuing to grow and is projected to reach $1,857.27 million by 2027. The sensor notifies businesses when a door is open or left ajar. Door sensors create a safe workplace by warning against intrusion at access points that get opened often.

When you invest in a smart door sensor, you don’t have to worry about who might be entering the office when you’re not around. They are easy to install, and these simple devices use circuit technology to alert you when someone opens the door.

Depending on the nature of your business, you can also incorporate higher levels of security if you handle large amounts of confidential data. This could include infrared or laser sensors.

Step into the new year safely by focusing on your building security. Implementing the methods above can help you add an extra level of safety to your workplace.


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