You have a house that needs cleaning, and you don’t want to do it yourself; that should be the reason enough to hire a housekeeper who will do all the work for you. But the process a bit more complex than that, as you might have expected. The first thing you need to ask yourself is this; why don’t you want to clean your own house? Is it because you have a side business that you would rather focus on? Is it because you want to spend more time with your kids than scrubbing the toilets, or do you want to invest some time in your hobby? Whatever the reason is, you should be very clear about it. 

You want to invest your time better in a field that yields more return to you in the form of material benefits or emotional; make sure the sum you are paying the housekeeper is worth your time and theirs. Continue reading this article to find out the steps you need to take before hiring a stranger to come and clean your home. 

Their Ability: You want the cupboard to be dusted every other day, and the floor scrubbed. If you hire someone who has a knee injury or is very old, they will fail to perform the required tasks. No matter how much you pay them, their physical shortcomings will prevent them from doing certain chores. So, before you finalize the candidate, pay close attention to their physical attributes to assess whether they are a perfect match for you. 

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Previous Records: You want someone honest and loyal in your home; someone, with a good recommendation. The maid will have access to most of your house, so you need to know more about the person you are about to hire. There are companies that conduct a background screening on an individual to provide you with access to their professional history. This process will eliminate any doubts or hesitations that you might have had about hiring a total stranger. 

The List: When you hire a maid, you might have certain expectations from them. Therefore, it is essential for you to communicate with them in clear terms. This communication is a two-way process. The maid may also start by telling what the set of services they usually provide are, and then you negotiate the extra things you want them to do in your house. 

  • Make a list of things that you expect them to do. If they don’t usually offer something on your list, ask them if they would do the same for additional pricing. 
  • If you want them to pay more attention to a particular section of the house, inform them about the priority. You may also tip them to boost up their energy and enthusiasm for the job. Like every other worker, maids too, like incentives on their salary. 

Some housemaids will work on hour basis, while others may prefer a paycheck per month. Negotiate the pricing and settle on one that you think best suited for your needs. Once you hire them for the job, let them do the work at their own pace without you micromanaging their every single move.


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