The 8 Best Things About Brainly Questions

14 brainly
14 brainly

Brainly Questions is a free question and answer site for anyone who loves to learn.

Not too long ago, we were faced with the difficult decision of whether to abandon our beloved Brainly. We had come to a point where our costs were coming up and we didn’t have enough resources to keep things running as smoothly as they needed to be. (Questions like unconsciously motivated by miserliness mr rioja?)

Thankfully, we had some loyal supporters who stepped up and helped us out! And now Brainly can continue on in its mission of providing a safe space for people from all over the world where they can ask questions and get helpful answers from others like them. And it’s all because you care about what matters most: quality education for everyone.

8 best things about brainly questions are:

1. It’s Free!

Brainly is a 100% free site. You can ask any question you want and you won’t have to pay a penny.

2. It Allows Users To Ask Questions About Any Topic

Because Brainly is different from many other question and answer sites, we encourage users to ask questions about anything, no matter how random or obscure it might seem. We don’t have categories for specific topics, so if you want to ask something about dinosaurs or the periodic table of elements, go for it! It doesn’t matter if your question is off-topic either because on Brainly, we only delete questions in extreme cases of harassment and abuse.

3. Users Get To Give Helpful, Thoughtful Answers

Unlike other sites, on Brainly you’re not limited to a certain number of responses. You can respond as much or as little as you want. This means that users get to give the amount of information needed in order for another user to understand the answer to their question. We believe that it’s important for people to be able to provide the most helpful and accurate answer possible because we think it really boosts the community’s learning experience.

4. There Are Math & Science Specific Sections

On Brainly, there are mathematics and science specific sections so users can ask and get questions answered quickly. This means that they can easily find the help they need on their topics of interest.

14 brainly

5. Users Can Rate Each Other

If you’re looking for an answer but don’t know who to ask, you can use our rating system to browse through other people’s responses and find the person with a good track record of helpful answers. Because we have this feature, users help each other out by providing high quality information to the community and make sure that people are following Brainly’s code of conduct.

6. It’s Designed To Be Easy To Navigate

Brainly is designed very well so that no matter what kind of device you’re using, you’ll be able to find helpful information quickly and easily. One of the biggest mistakes that many people make is using several different sites at once, sometimes writing down questions to ask another question elsewhere. On Brainly, these kinds of people can easily ask their question on Brainly and get an answer from someone else on Brainly who can give their answer on the same website! You don’t have to worry about multiple web pages and websites anymore because Brainly provides everything in one place: 1 website with all the information you need.

7. We Provide Technical Support

When you’re unsure about how something works, or if your question gets an answer that wasn’t quite what you wanted, we are here to help. Our team of software engineers and support workers work hard to make sure that Brainly is the best site it can be and that it’s there for users when they need us. The Brainly team will be available to help answer any questions you have and make sure that our users have a great experience at Brainly.

8. Our Code Of Conduct Promotes Safety And Respect For Users

From the beginning, we’ve been committed to providing a safe space for people to learn whatever they want, whenever they want. We’ve continued to keep our standards high, and users who show us they are harassing or abusing other users are either banned permanently or at the very least receive a warning that they will be banned regardless if they stop their behavior.


Brainly is the place you can go to ask any question you want and get quality answers from people who love to learn. You can ask a question about anything and anyone, and be able to receive helpful information in one place. Brainly helps you find other people with similar interests, so you can learn about topics that are interesting to you, wherever you are. We’re here to help students from all over the world break down barriers of language and culture by helping them connect with others in their community.


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