The history of Spirits Fanfiction

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We all know that there is a very rich and diverse history of fanfiction,

 but what you might not know is how deeply rooted it has always been in the lives of those with a thirst for knowledge and entertainment.

 Spirits fanfiction dates back as far as 116 BC

 when Chinese philosopher Confucius encouraged his students to write the fictions they enjoyed most. 

He even offered them prizes – copper coins –

 which can still be found on unearthed pottery shards today with his name stamped into them. 

It was during this time that spirits stories started to develop and connect to an individual’s life and feelings, 

forming an intimate connection between reader and read.

But the most splendid of spirits fanfiction came about during the height of the Roman Empire. 

They are considered “the renaissance of spirits”, 

where the finest stories ever told would be told on paper that was then rolled out across tables for family and friends to read. 

Spirits had finally entered into a new age.

As time progressed, spirits stories became more complex, with many sub-genres developing alongside them.

 The stories written during this time sparked interest for all people including the poor and illiterate, 

who could now listen to people read their stories aloud instead of reading them themselves.

Stories sprouted from many different genres, spirits had become popular among soldiers who would write about them on their fine silk banners. 

Some stories were based on the fates of fallen warriors, while others told of soldiers that would always return victorious.

 These banners could then be carried into battle to show the enemy that they weren’t fighting just one man, but an army.

Spirits stories had become so popular in western society

 that it wasn’t uncommon for some to follow in the footsteps of famous storytellers.

 Many were remembered for their pieces and even discovered long after their deaths.

Spirits were also prominent during the early Middle Ages, stories of small winged people known as “milk demons” became popular for sick children to read about. 

These tales gave them comfort and hope in their illness.

Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Egyptians and many more had spirits stories written down over the centuries,

 but the modern era of spirits fanfiction came about due to the simple fact

 that people here understood each other better than they understood themselves.

Nowadays, spirits stories can be written on any device. 

The internet had made communication through writing much easier than it ever was before. 

Even today, communication is still made easier by using our hands rather than our words. 

It has never been easier to connect with someone else than it is through the magic of paper and ink on a page.

And if you are still reading this,

 I will assume that you are one of the people 

who likes this stuff so much that you keep reading even when there is nothing more to read about it. Oh, and on that note…

 In the past, people from all over the globe have been inspired to write stories about spirits. 

These stories have been preserved from generation to generation and have had a tremendous impact on our culture.

 In more recent years, thanks to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, spirits fanfiction is being shared with a new generation of readers. 

These writings range from historical fiction, time travel and even love stories. 

Below is a brief overview of some categories you might find in the future of fanfiction.

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Historical Fiction

A modern day man (or woman) could be transported back in time to live out their life in the times of the Greeks, Romans or even the Egyptians.

 They could be a soldier, slave to an emperor or even a peasant.

 Modern day fiction is sometimes referred to as “historical fic” because of the subject matter it covers, but this is merely a label.

 The stories are still fiction and may not be completely accurate in all regards.

Time Travel

The time travel movement has become extremely popular in recent years.

Some of the most famous stories in spirits fanfiction are simply about time travel. 

 Let’s say that in the past, there was this man who didn’t ever want to die.

 He learned how to time travel so he could avoid this depressing reality, but with all of the world’s progress in technology,

 he has had to downgrade his status. 

Now he works in a bar with holograms and plays poker on a computer screen. 

When all is said and done, everyone has shared their memories with him and he too returns home to no one

A man is born to what should have been a normal family,

 but his parents were actually members of an ancient cult that practiced ancestor worship. 

As a child he was taken from his family and became a servant in a hidden temple where he was taught about spirits. 

He grew up wanting to become a warrior, but instead betrayed the deity he served by murdering its Apostle and employing its powers for evil.

  He then used these powers to bring all of his friends back from the dead in order to rule the kingdom he once served.

Love Stories 

Many writers still think that the only way to write a good love story is to kill one of the characters, but that is nonsense

. Everyone deserves a happy ending and everyone has the same basic needs as any other human being. 

This means that everyone is capable of being ICly nice, even if they have been trained from birth to be evil. 

It can be done!

In this type of fic, two characters fall in love and their relationship develops over time.

 Maybe they meet by chance or maybe it’s because they were brought together by a spirit.


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