The Importance Of Pursuing Love Is No Different Than Hunting A Deer

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Both require stalking, both require patience and attention to detail, both are worth the risks involved in pursuit. How much does a buck weigh?

Both are thrilling successes when achieved — there’s no greater feeling of accomplishment than bagging a deer or receiving love from somebody who really matters. If you are interested in giving hunting a go then check out Hunters Halt for all the best equipment.

And both will go away if ignored for too long: deer will transfer their interest to somebody who isn’t afraid to take the shot; “love” will simply slip away without our regular steadying presence.

1. Deed:

To the girl who brought meaning to the darkness of my life; to the love I never knew I’d ever need until you came along; to the beauty that no other girl could possibly have shared with me; to the best friend who didn’t give up on me even when she thought I gave up on myself; and to all you taught me about the true meaning of self-respect and mutual respect — this is dedicated.

2. Encounter:

To the deer in my path — always moving along, taking my attention and energy, but rarely ever making a move — this is dedicated.

3. Chase:

To the deer I chased for weeks, days, hours, minutes — this is dedicated.

To the beautiful deer that kept me guessing and wondering; to the deer whose steps I followed wherever she walked; to the dee…

I’ll never forget how she felt in my arms. The warmth of her body against mine that night was more than sufficient compensation for having gone without love for so long … but it was more than a body heat radiating against me. It was a genuine appreciation … a genuine adoration and appreciation of me as a person and not just as some cute thing she’d just met.

She really liked me.

I followed her lead through the park and down to the waterfront. I didn’t care what her motives were or what she hoped to accomplish with that simple walk … I just followed.

She liked to walk — alone at night — in parks and along rivers … sometimes she’d hold hands with a friend or boyfriend, but mostly she preferred walking alone in the night with purpose, with direction, usually at a good pace, never at a speedy one.

I guess I should say that we’ve become really good friends since that night, but it’s more than friendship. If we were to be more than friends, I’d have to admit that I’m in love with her.

4. Chasing:

To the man I never quite caught up to; the deer that always walked in front of me, only pausing to let me enjoy the sight of him before taking off again — this is dedicated.

5. Catching:

To the man I finally caught up to; to the one who stopped running when I did; to the one who stood at attention to get a friendly scratch — this is dedicated.

To all those foolish men who think you can love just anyone … but you can’t. You need somebody worth loving, somebody who will be there for you even when it hurts, somebody whose passage makes time stand still so that your heart doesn’t have time to forget its place in your chest.

6. Relationship:

To the couple of whom I was a witness two years ago; to the ones who stopped and talked, exchanged numbers and made plans to meet again that very next week — this is dedicated.

7. Questioning Yourself:

To the girl that I couldn’t have; to the one who was just heading toward a guy with long hair, light eyes and all that fancy jewelry on his fingers … oh, how could I ask her for any of it? This is dedicated.

8. Practicing Patience:

To the deer that I’d occasionally see in the distance, but never again once I started walking toward her; to the one that would walk away as soon as she saw me coming — this is dedicated.

9. Painful Rejection:

To my first love — a woman who didn’t even know I existed when she dated and married another man. This dedication is for you.

10. Anger:

To all my anger and resentment built up over two years of being cheated on by the girl who said “I do” the next year — this is dedicated to both of you because your divorce didn’t fix a thing.

11. Disappointment:

To the girl that kept on walking when I caught up to her the following week — no, you stopped right in front of me instead of turning around like you originally intended. This is dedicated.

12. Confidence:

To my ex-girlfriend; to the one who had the nerve to break up with me in the name of God — this is dedicated.

To my junior year of college, I told my friends that it was a season of spiritual struggle for me … I didn’t understand how a person could claim to love God and still be led astray by another person. I couldn’t see how two people who meant so much to me could be so different, yet be so alike.

I remember it as if it were yesterday — holding her in a hug, cheeks pressed against cheeks and talking about any and everything under the sun when she put her hands on my face and stared into my eyes … then she kissed me.


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