The Only Cyber Security Guide You’ll Ever Need

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Whether you’re a business, individual, or government entity, cyber security as a wake tech dreamspark is one of those things that you should never take lightly. There are so many good reasons to pay attention to the industry and secure your collective digital assets!

In this blog post we’re going to share with you the 10 best resources for cyber security and what each site has to offer. We also offer suggestions on how you can use these sites effectively as part of a comprehensive cyber security strategy.


This site is primarily used for file hosting and maintenance, but it’s also a great resource for finding open source software. You can find thousands of programs, each with links to the code and download on their respective pages. You’ll also find links to popular discussion forums.

2. GitHub

GitHub is a tool that is used by many programmers in the cyber security field to house their projects and collaborate with others who share their interests. Some people use GitHub to hold copies of their code as proof of concept to secure other people’s computers against malware or hacking attempts. In addition to this, you can find a comprehensive list of packages that are designed to add functionality to your current programs.


This site is a gathering of some of the best security tools and software on the market. You’ll find links to articles, white papers, podcasts, videos and more. Packetlife also offers helpful guides on how to defend your systems from common attacks. Packetlife is a great site for anyone who wants to learn more about the backbone of the Internet, the Internet Protocol (IP) and IPv6. This website offers tutorials and information that can help you better understand the world of data packets moving in cyberspace around the globe.

4. Cybrary is a site that specializes in teaching people how to secure their computers, networks and mobile phones. As one of the leading cyber security education resources, Cybrary focuses on the latest in security technology and its implications for how we do things online. If you’ve never heard of free cyber security courses online , then Cybrary is a website you must check out! The website’s design is intuitive and well thought out, making it easy for users to navigate through its various pages with ease. Cybrary offers a wide range of courses that range from beginner to advanced and in different languages.

5. Scrapebox

Scrapebox is a free web scraper that offers several built-in functions like the ability to scrape data from public internet sites, along with its own unique features like the ability to download images, PDF files, PNG images, and RSS feeds. Just click on the links for any site you want to scrape and Scrapebox will do the rest!


No website has a comprehensive list of free web vulnerability scanners that can find and test some of the most common vulnerabilities associated with websites. offers a list of free vulnerability scanners that can help you cover all areas of your website. Webhose is a website that allows you to test your DNS records and determine what external IP addresses have been assigned to you. This can be useful knowledge when troubleshooting an issue with your Internet connection, especially if it’s not working properly.


Sitefinder is another website that helps you find out what external IP addresses are assigned to domain names and websites around the world. This site also offers geo-location tools that show you where a particular domain name or IP address is located on the globe in real time so you can easily see what internet servers have been assigned in the area of your current location..

8. is a free website that offers tutorials and information about HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more on one easy to use website. This web resource is great for web designers, site administrators and programmers alike who want to learn more about how to design websites with coding and knowledge.


Cyber Warfare University is a good site for anyone who wants to learn more about cyber security terms like phishing, botnets, hacker attacks, IP addresses and much more that are used in the world of computer security online. It is also a good site for anyone who wants to practice their coding skills by developing bots or other scripts on this website .


Blogspot is a great blog for anyone looking for a good place to host a cyber security blog. The site offers great features like the ability to display images, videos, and other media from your blog in a neat format on the main page. It also offers excellent search options that allow you to search for people, places, and their blogs by their name or subject matter online.


There are many more websites out there that offer valuable information and even free courses online related to cyber security and IT/Computer Forensics. Use these websites as sources of information rather than key resources while you make your own decisions about what tools you should use to protect yourself online. In the end, you need to be the final judge of what resources will help you best.


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