The RPGs Of 2022: The Most Exciting Upcoming Games


RPGs are here to stay. From their interactive storyline to stunning visuals, these games have everything.

Although these games originated from tabletop classics like D&D, there are many additional elements to these video games.

Among all the multiple types of RPGs, the old-school storylines are still quite popular. You can download which RPG you like the most from Pirate Bay and get started on your gaming journey.

If you look at the article below, you will get familiarized with the best RPGs in the market and know why we are bragging about them so much.

So, without further ado, let’s get started: 

What Are RPGs?

Role-Playing Games or RPGs are a specific video game genre that takes a character on a quest into an imaginary world. You, as a gamer, play the role of the character and undertake your quest. 

Defining the RPGs is fairly challenging because of the hybrid genres that you get associated with.

There are five major elements in an RPG such as:

  1. You can improve the character over the course of the game by improving your levels and statistics.
  1. There will be a menu-based control system with different skills, active powers, inventory system, wearable equipment, and spells to accompany you along the road.
  1. These games have a main storyline with a uniform quest, and you can play several side quests to boost the gaming skill.
  1. You can also communicate with other worldly elements of the gaming storyline.
  1. Certain character classes define skills, abilities, characters, and spells of the character and differentiate them.

The Best RPGs Of 2022

The best RPGs of 2022 are still loaded in a surprise box. The year has just started and many of these gaming design houses delayed the launch of their games due to the COVID19 Pandemic. Find the best RPGs of 2022 in this list:

1: Elden Ring

This RPG is not only incredibly popular but is also quite challenging. You may find it fascinating that George R.R. Martin is associating himself with this game to expand its storyline.

The world in the Elden Ring is fascinating, and you can expect some tough battles to come the way that will take you to the next level.

The 2022 version has granted its players more freedom and more choice to customize their playing experiences.

2: Horizon Forbidden West

It is one of the most exclusive RPGs you can play on PS4. It is a game of the distant future where humanity has fallen, and large machine-like predators have taken the dominance.

There are small tribes of men living in fear of these mechanical predators, and that’s a small quantity of humanity left on the earth.

Aloy is the game’s protagonist, and you will play her character, discovering why she was an outcast in this future world. 

3: Starfield

This is another game you must play this year because this is also set in the distant future.

It shows humankind at its absolute best. You will play the role of a customized character exploring space because humans now inhabit different planets.

There are ample quests to undertake, different gears to try on, and multiple levels to explore. Once you understand how the gameplay works, you will be pretty amazed at how it works.

4: Forspoken

The new-action RPG of Forspoken looks stunning, and you will play the role of a New York Woman named Frey Holland.

One day, Frey finds herself magically transported to a different world named Athia. Even though the landscape in Athia looks amazing, there are evil enemies everywhere.

It is a fast-paced action RPG where you get hooked to the narrative and help Frey return to the real world. 

5: Hogwarts Legacy

If you have always been a Potterhead, you must like this game. This is one such RPG that helps you explore the history of Hogwarts before the Harry Potter novels.

Here, you play the role of late accepted students in the Hogwarts school, and the setting is in the late 1800s. 

Like the movies, you can also dabble with black arts here, but you must retain your moral system, so you must play this game this year.  


There you go!!!

We have listed the names of the best RPGs of 2022 so that you can categorize which ones you should play and how.

We have already explained the storylines of each game, which means you must have already developed a liking towards them. So, reach us in the comment box if you need more details on them.


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